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Brave Littlewing Pullens Biography

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Brave Littlewing Pullens is 11 years old star kid.

If you want to know about Brave Little wing Pullens, you are at right place.

This article provides all the information about brave littlewing.

Early Life and Family of Brave Littlewing Pullens

Little Brave Littlewing-Pullens enjoying sunbath

Mother Cree Summer’s instagram Photo

  • Born : 12 March 2011
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Mother: Cree Summer Francks
  • Father: Angelo Pullens
  • Brothers: Ocean Franklin Summer-Pullen and Miles Summer Pullen
  • Sister: Hero Peregrine Pullens

On 2011 March 12 Cree Summer gave born the girl named Brave Littlewing. (Birthday -12 March 2011)

Her age is 12 years as of 2023 march.

She is having American nationality.

Brave Littlewing birth place is Los Angeles, California, US.

Her father Angelo Pullen is a film Producer.

Mother Cree Summer Francks is a American-Canadian actress, singer and voice actress.

Hero Peregrine Pullens is a sister of brave little wing.

While she has two brothers/sibling named Miles Summer Pullen and Ocean Summer Pullen

Mother Cree Summer is a voice artists and actress from L.A. California. Her father is Donm Francks.

She performed voicing in many popular Movies: Cleo from Clifford the Big Red Dog, Foxxy Love from Drawn Together, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Susie Carmichael from Rugrats, Dr. Penelope Young in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures, Penny from Inspector Gadget,.

Father Angelo Pullens produced Evelyn x Evelyn, Queen & Slim and Dead Realm. He is also co-founder of Able.

Sister Hero Peregrine Pullens is a youngest girl of her family Born on 26 January 2013.

Brother Ocean Franklin Summer-Pullen is Born on 17 May 1999.

Elder Brother Miles Summer Pullen Born on 21 April, 1998

Cree summer and Angelo pullen has four children.

Brave Littlewing Pullens’ Education and Career

As a star kid Brave Littlewing Pullens has all the education information is private.

“The Baby Bandits” is the movie in which she performed and appeared at once.

Her Mother Cree Summer some times shares family time videos on her Instagram account. Hance there is no information about the little Brave Littlewing Pullens.

People cam assume brave little wing will be a voice artists or an actress as her family has a strong background in movie industry.

Brave Little Wing’s Social Media/Instagram

She is too young to have a social media account and not able to manage at this age. Her mother frequently sharing brave little wings Instagram photos with family. Cree summer often shares videos with her sister hero Peregrine Pullens.

Brave Littlewing Pullens’ Net Worth

Brave Littlewing-Pullens in the crew of movie The Baby Bandits with the Zeha Lee, Jude Lipsey, Story McIntyre as a role of “Shadow”

There is no information about her net worth as she it too young.

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