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3 Generator Brands to Avoid in 2023

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The last thing you want is to invest your money in a piece of machinery that can endanger your family. So, what should you look out for when shopping for a home generator? All the red flags that have scammed many customers in the past.

To protect yourself, look out for these generator scams so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Don’t forget your safety, especially when buying something as powerful and complicated as a generator. Read on to learn what generator brands to avoid this 2023 so you can feel confident in your purchase.

1. Craftsman

In 2023, Craftsman is likely to be a brand to avoid when it comes to purchasing generators. Craftsman is known for quality tools but has recently been cutting corners to compete in the generator market.

They offer lower prices, but this comes at a cost in reliability and longevity. Craftsman generators tend to break down more often and need more upkeep than some of their competitors. This means that the total cost of owning a Craftsman generator is higher.

Also, Craftsman’s customer service has been getting worse over time, which could make it hard for buyers to get help or support. It’s better to invest in tried and tested, more reliable generator brands instead of taking a risk with Craftsman.

2. Megaware

Shoppers should steer clear of Megaware brand generators if possible. This brand is known for having problems with quality control, giving bad customer service, and putting out a lot of low-quality goods.

A lot of customers have complained about the brand, and reviews of its goods say that they don’t last long and break often. Also, when customers try to get help from the company, customer service reps are known to be useless and uncooperative.

In 2023, if you’re looking for a generator, it’s best to stay away from Megaware. Instead, focus on good names with higher ratings and better customer service for their generator for house power outage. Look for companies that support their products in the long run and can be trusted for consistent quality and performance.

3. MSTech

It is advised to avoid the brand MSTech when it comes to purchasing generators. This brand has amassed negative reviews from consumers due to its failing quality and the customer service being questionable at best.

Consumers have noted that upon purchasing the generators from MSTech, these broke shortly after being put into use. The company has been slow to respond to customer complaints and has remained unhelpful in its resolutions.

Keeping this in mind, it is best to avoid this brand to save yourself the time and hassle of dealing with a poor product. Other brands to avoid include PowerGen, Voltaic, and Solar Source.

Keep In Mind These Generator Brands to Avoid

Generating power securely and efficiently is an essential part of keeping your home, business, and wallet safe. Knowing which generator brands to avoid in 2023 is key to ensuring reliability and pricing affordability.

Remain cognizant of the brands mentioned here when shopping for a generator. Do your research and read customer reviews- it’s worth it to save yourself the costly trouble of avoiding an unreliable generator.

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