Occasions that Day Cruising in Sydney is Perfect Fo

Occasions that Day Cruising in Sydney is Perfect For

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Floating over Sydney Harbour is a really easy way of throwing an absolutely unforgettable event! Booking a boat might not be the first venue option that jumps to mind when you’re starting your party planning process, but that’s what makes it so great. Throwing a unique and exciting experience for all of your attendees gives the day so much more weight, meaning and sentimentality. You’ll all have a first-class ticket for seeing this city for what it is, which is pretty incredible. With the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Kirribilli and all kinds of natural beauty literally surrounding you, there’s just no way to top this venue idea. Here are a few occasions that are the perfect opportunity for a day cruise…

Corporate Training

A corporate training day is not a simple event to book a venue for – especially when you’ve done a couple of them and you can’t quite face the same uninspiring function space (along with all the pesky external arrangements) again. Save yourself the pain and book your upcoming training day out on the water instead. A boat can give you the food, beverages, media and transport that you need for a seamless and successful corporate training day. Plus, it’s going to be great for your company culture, which is always important.

Company Christmas Party

A company Christmas party should be planned properly. It’s a wonderful way of wrapping up the year and giving all members of staff a bit of a thank you for their commitment and ongoing hard work, so it needs to be well thought out. A company Christmas party on Sydney Harbour will absolutely blow everyone away and it’s a sure way of having a seriously fun night with your team.

Birthday Celebration

Want to throw an incredible birthday party for a milestone age, or maybe just an extra special event for yourself this year? A Sydney Harbour cruise is such an easy way of throwing an awesome birthday party. When you think about it, most of the hard work is actually done for you once you book that boat! The theme, setting, food, bar service and dancefloor can potentially be taken care of for you the second that you confirm your booking – not bad when you think about how much time you’ve put into party planning in the past!

Wedding Reception

If you’re on the hunt for a truly unique and completely mesmerising wedding reception, then it’s time to start searching for a Harbour cruise boat! You can either host your entire reception under the stars with the beautiful Sydney skyline as your backdrop or take the opportunity to travel in style and use your vessel as a ferry from your ceremony to your reception. Your wedding will have its own individual feel to it right away, again, taking a little of the work out for you (and anyone who’s planned a wedding knows how much of a relief that can be)!

Hen’s or Buck’s

A pre-wedding celebration can be super tricky to get right, especially when you’re hosting a big group of people. Sailing out for a sunny day cruise with dancing, BYO drinks and incredible photoshoots? Solved! The bride or groom to be is going to be so thrilled with their special occasion.

Public Holidays

Australia Day, Easter Weekend, Boxing Day – public holidays can really sneak up on you throughout the year! It sucks when you realise you have no plans, again, and you find yourself at your local wishing you thought ahead of time. Put a stop to lacklustre long weekend celebrations and book yourself on a cruise! You’ll get front row seats to any action out on the harbour as you relax in the beautiful sunshine, what could be better?

New Year’s Eve

Come on, the biggest night of the year deserves a little fanfare, right? Although you might want to swap that day cruise idea for a night-time Harbour experience because, fireworks, there’s no way you can go wrong here. You’ll see all the action up close whilst you party the night away in the most enjoyable and relaxed way possible!

Well there you have it, a perfect day cruise in Sydney can work for all of your special events!

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