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Great Reasons Why You Should Retire In Pattaya

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Thailand has emerged as one of the top worldwide retirement destinations, and with good reason! The balmy tropical climate provides a great escape from those long, cold winters so many people dread every fall, the people are friendly and always ready to lend a hand, and the cost of living is highly affordable! One of the best places in Thailand for retirees to settle down in is the seaside town of Pattaya, which boasts all of Thailand’s native charms while also offering all the perks of a vibrant international lifestyle!

It’s easy to find a nice home to settle down in, there are always plenty of pleasant and cheap condos for sale in Pattaya that provide a high level of luxury for low prices unheard of in most retiree’s home countries. Let’s now examine some of the many great reasons why you should consider friendly Pattaya as your retirement destination!

Outdoor Activities – Possibly the number one draw for this little city by the sea, there are miles of sandy beaches along the warm, tropical seaside for you to have fun and frolic on! You can hire a speedboat out to the nearby islands which feature world-class diving and snorkelling, or try out exciting watersports like banana boats, parasailing, and jet skiing! Once you’ve had enough wet and wild adventures, just relax with a cold drink under a palm tree and watch the sunset, you will be living in a tropical dream holiday! Pattaya is on every list of great Southeast Asian destinations we can find, so dive on in, the water is fine!

Shopping – From cutting-edge tech to high fashion, to local arts and crafts, you can find practically anything your heart desires in Pattaya’s diverse shopping scene! There are trendy, ultra-modern international shopping malls and bustling, old-time local markets on hand for you to explore, it’s guaranteed you will find something to delight you!

Dining – There is something for every person’s unique taste in Pattaya! You can find a restaurant featuring the cuisine of just about any foreign land you can think of, so if you are craving your favourite food it’s sure to be here! Of course, the Thai dishes on hand are utterly divine, pick up some cheap and tasty street food from the many wandering vendors and market stalls, or step into some of the most elegant dining venues in the world, your taste buds will be very happy here, we guarantee it!

Entertainment – If you love the nightlife then you have come to the right place, Pattaya bursts to glorious life after the sun sets, with acres of saloons, bars, taverns, nightclubs, and gala shows to tickle any night owl’s fancies! The atmosphere is always friendly, and the charming staff of every venue you step into will bend over backwards to make you feel comfortable and welcome, you will never feel bored and lonely in this perpetual party town!

If you are still asking if Pattaya has everything you want, just visit the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Pattaya page to discover even more wonderful reasons to call this seaside gem home! We hope to see you here in Pattaya soon, and when we do- welcome home!

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