5 Main Benefits of COQ10

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Most people want to live way past their predicted life spans. So they have a sudden change of heart by living clean, doing away with vices, changing their diets, and embodying healthy lifestyles. But sometimes, even that is not enough. Vitamin and mineral supplements are then taken to ensure better health and well-being. Some order coq10 online to guarantee a superior physical condition and an improved quality of life.

Out of all the health supplements, why choose coq10? Also known as Coenzyme Q10, it is an antioxidant produced by the body and stored within the cells that protect from bacteria, viruses, and oxidative damage. The highest levels of it are found in the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and the heart because they have the highest energy demand. But as people age, they become deficient because production decreases. Low levels of the compound are linked to high blood pressure, liver problems, and heart failure. So there is a need to buy and order coq10 online to fill that deficit for five main reasons.

Supports a healthy immune system

A study on innate immune activity showed that antioxidant supplementation via coq10 in diabetic patients supported their immune systems. It also prevented late complications by reducing inflammation and improving cell activity. Since people with diabetes benefit from an increased intake of the compound, then one can make a safe assumption that a non-immuno-compromised individual will benefit from additional supplementation.

Also, more research is being done concerning immunity. But it is a fact that a decreased size of the thymus gland – responsible for optimum immune function – is linked to dysfunction of immunity. Therefore, lessened coq10 levels leave a person weak against viral infections and certain cancers. So it is better to take additional doses of coq10 to prevent sickness.

Maintains good heart health

The heart becomes a problem when it cannot contract well or pump blood properly throughout the body. But cardiovascular disease sometimes comes without warning until it is too late. Also, people with a family history of cardiovascular disease are more prone to heart problems themselves. Several studies have shown that an intake of coq10 can treat these by reducing repeat heart attacks, improving heart function, and limiting oxidative damage.

Assists fertility problems 

A lot of factors can cause infertility. With females, the number of quality eggs decreases with age. A reduced male sperm count leads to less-than-superior quality. Oxidative damage is also an element that should be considered. Fortunately, coq10 could reverse the decline of both eggs and sperm quality, especially if age-related.

Reduces skin damage

Your skin is the part of the body that takes the brunt from damaging agents – weather, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, hormonal imbalances, and environmental pollution, among others. And as you age, the layers of the skin grow thin, which leads to less protection and easier bruising. Applying or having a sufficient intake of coq10 helps reduce the effects of skin damage via better antioxidant protection and decreases fine lines and wrinkles due to aging.

Good in lung protection

The new normal requires people to wear protective coverings such as face masks to prevent viruses from invading the respiratory system. The lungs are vulnerable to pathogens and oxidative damage via the very air you breathe. Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (or COPD), and pneumonia are just some of the dangerous diseases linked to low levels of coq10. Proper supplementation of the compound reduces respiratory and lung inflammation and oxidative damage.

An antioxidant such as coq10 can be found in some food like legumes, vegetables, and other animal organs. But food intake is not enough. An add-on supplement helps ensure better health and longer-lasting life.

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