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Small Business Expansion – What you Need to Know

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So, your business has been doing well since its conception and for the first time, it is clear that expanding the operation has to happen, which is, of course, great news! Business growth has to be structured; it involves a significant capital investment, without funding, the project grinds to a halt. If business has been good since the opening day, you should be able to secure essential funding for the expansion.

Feasibility study

Crunch the numbers to discover the potential extra revenue that expansion offers, how long will it take you to recoup your investment? More often than not, an expansion means lower costs, handling processes in-house, rather than outsourcing; there comes a point where it is better to set up an in-house process and if all the numbers line up, developing the business is a natural stride forward.

Penetrating new markets

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Think ahead

If you are going to the trouble of relocating your HQ, for example, make sure you have more than enough space and resources for at least the next 5 years. Leasing additional land makes sense if the long-term plan is to add to your resources. Talk to a business guru about business growth and they can ensure that you take all the important aspects into account and help you create a business development plan that is structured and realistic.

Hiring employees

Invariably, expansion means hiring additional employees and a good recruitment agency has all the solutions; be choosy and look for people who have a positive attitude to learning new things; sure, hands-on experience means a lot but with the right mindset, anyone can learn. If the number of new employees exceeds 10, you might be best to create an in-house HR department, either that or outsource all HR needs, including payroll and compliance.

Business growth needs to be managed correctly, with a firm plan that covers every aspect of the expansion.

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