8 Smart Benefits of Enjoying Low THC, High CBD Cannabis

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Are you looking for new methods to relax while also staying mostly sober?

High CBD cannabis with low THC does just that. CBD has many benefits from pain relief to relaxation. For people who have had negative reactions to THC itself, CBD might be the thing you’re missing.

If you don’t want to get high, but you still want the benefits cannabis offers, high CBD cannabis is for you.

Keep reading to find out why people are enjoying cannabis with high CBD instead of THC.

1. Feel Calm and Relaxed

CBD is most well-known for its relaxing properties. Unlike THC that can cause anxiety or paranoia, CBD leads you to feel calm.

The cannabinoid derived from the cannabis Sativa plant is known to relieve the high feelings that THC brings about. High CBD with low CBD works because the CBD mellows the effects of THC.

CBD reduces THC’s ability to bind to CB1 receptors. This means that the psychoactive properties of THC are diminished. Instead, we feel much more relaxed by the combination of the two cannabinoids.

2. Better Sleep

Secret Nature reviews let us know that not only does high CBD cannabis make you feel more relaxed, but it also helps you sleep!

CBD is often used as a way to get better sleep. When we feel more relaxed after using CBD we can use that feeling to fall asleep more easily.

That said, CBD does not necessarily make you feel sleepy. If you are not ready to sleep, you will not fall asleep after taking CBD.

The reason CBD helps you sleep is that it mellows you out. You don’t have to stay awake thinking about the stressors of tomorrow. You can sleep without so many thoughts racing through your head.

3. Treating Pain

Some people choose to use CBD instead of prescription pain killers to treat their chronic pain. Chronic pain can be debilitating, yet many prefer not to treat it with prescription drugs.

CBD and THC have shown some promise in relieving pain and inflammation in humans. Not only can it treat chronic pain, but the pain from migraines, cancer, and arthritis too.

CBD doesn’t have to be taken orally to treat pain either. There are several kinds of creams and lotions you may apply to a painful area to diminish your pain.

4. May Help Anxiety and Depression

CBD has been used as a way to treat anxiety and depression for some time now. Its calming properties allegedly reduce anxiety in people who suffer from mental illness.

It is also sometimes used to relieve symptoms of depression. Specifically, it may help depression which is related to anxiety in some way.

In the brain, CB1 receptors modulate serotonin’s effects and may tame inflammation in the central nervous system. When CBD is in your system it may support the work that the CB1 receptors are already trying to do.

Additionally, GABA, a chemical that occurs in our bodies naturally, makes neurons slow down. It’s possible that when we use CBD, it modulates the GABA. Thus, we relax and become calm.

5. Therapeutic Benefits for Cancer Patients

The American Cancer Society suggests that CBD may be effective for treating cancer treatment symptoms. CBD and THC can help with nausea and pain caused by chemotherapy and other treatments.

Many cancer patients choose to treat their psychological and physical ailments with cannabis. This is because the product is known to reduce stress and help with things such as loss of appetite and pain in general.

6. No Paranoia or Anxiety

One great thing about high CBD cannabis that makes it stand out from plain THC is it won’t increase your anxiety or paranoia. Many people choose not to use cannabis products because they had a bad experience with THC.

THC is a known psychoactive drug that can cause bad reactions in certain people. CBD is not the same. CBD is not psychoactive therefore it will never cause paranoia or intoxication.

The primary negative side effects of CBD are diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite or weight. Overall, CBD is much less dangerous than THC, and it does not pose any significant risks for users.

7. No High Feeling

CBD itself will not get you high. But, you should be careful when choosing CBD products if you do not want them to have any THC in them. Many CBD products have low amounts of THC as well as CBD.

CBD is not something that can make you feel intoxicated, and you can not overdose on the product. Even taking large amounts of CBD will have little effect on you, but doing so is not recommended.

8. Several Ways to Take It

One great thing about CBD and THC products is there are so many ways to take them. The following is a list of some of the most popular options.

  • Hemp cigarettes
  • Edibles
  • Vaporizers
  • Tinctures and sprays
  • Patches
  • Topical products like lotions

There is no right or wrong way to consume high CBD cannabis. But, keep in mind, smoking is one of the most effective ways to ingest it.

Patches and topical products are controversial because CBD doesn’t penetrate deep enough to reach the bloodstream. But, it can work locally on the skin to bind with CB2 receptors.

Enjoy High CBD Cannabis

High CBD cannabis has an incredible amount of benefits. People every day choose to use CBD to relieve stress, pain, and to generally take the edge off in a natural way.

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