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A Guide to Planning the Perfect Arcade Bar Party

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When planning an event for your company, it’s important to make it unique. The event should reflect the brand image of your company and the values that you hold. It should also be something that’s fun and enjoyable for all the party-goers.

Arcade bars are the new trend in social gatherings. They’re bringing the 80s and 90s back while bringing the fun and competitiveness of the arcade to your next party.

Follow this guide to plan the perfect arcade bar party your employees won’t soon forget.

Choosing an Appropriate Venue

It should be spacious enough to provide enough room for guests to enjoy the games and move around freely. Additionally, it should have good lighting and a sound system to enhance the experience.

Furthermore, the venue should be able to provide electrical outlets for game consoles or TVs, as well as suitable furniture. Moreover, the local arcade bar should be well-maintained and up-to-date with current trends to keep customers entertained.

Setting Up Your Games

Develop a plan for activities beforehand to make the event run smoothly. Start by involving guests in setting up and organizing the games to create a sense of involvement from the start.

Consider installing a few customizable arcades such as pinball machines, fighting games, or racing games. Make sure to provide plenty of tokens or coins for the machines, as well as a prize for the night’s champion.

Crafting the Perfect Bar Menu

Crafting the perfect bar menu for an arcade bar party can be a challenge. You want to provide enough snacks and beverages for your guests while maintaining the fun atmosphere of a bar atmosphere.

Balance is best in terms of presentation, so include a good mix of items. Once you’ve settled on the main menu, add complementary side dishes and dessert items, ensuring there are food choices for all dietary preferences.

Preparing Music and DJ Options

When planning the perfect arcade bar party, music, and DJ options should be considered carefully. Ensure that the music you choose is suitable for the party atmosphere you want to create. Consider a variety of genres of music – from old-school arcade music to more present-day genres.

Decide whether you should bring in a professional DJ or if you plan to have a playlist that is managed by someone while the party is going on. Discuss music selection upfront with the DJ or person in charge of managing the playlist – ask for their input and ensure that the music caters to all of the partygoers.

Making a Schedule of Activities

When planning the perfect arcade bar party, making a schedule of activities is key. Consider choosing an open-ended arcade experience that will allow your guests to explore the vast selection of arcade games and maximize the fun.

Choose the main activities that you and your group will want to participate in, like tournaments, team-building exercises, or scavenger hunts. The possibilities are endless! If there are specific game experiences that you all want to try, be sure to plan those ahead of time as well. Consider the best arcade bar found here for a memorable event you will forever treasure.

Planning the Perfect Arcade Bar The Right Way

With our guide, you should feel prepared and ready to help your friends host the perfect Arcade Bar party! Just remember to select the right venue, pick great guests, arrange games and activities, stock up the right refreshments, and decorate the space for the best atmosphere.

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