Streaming Netflix

Streaming Netflix: A Quick Guide

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With Netflix’s spectrum of audience increasing at a rapid pace especially during the lockdown phase, it is good to understand the few key points of streaming movies and videos on the platform. The world’s largest streaming service that is subscription-based doles out a vast array of content, from a library of movies to the best televisions shows and original and exclusive in-house productions.

Doesn’t matter if you are new to Netflix these pro tips will help you stream better.

Choosing Movies and TV Series

Upon entering the Netflix app, you can select which TV shows and movies you wish to watch next, by browsing the best-rated content in your area or Netflix recommended content through simple swiping across the panels. If you are thinking of watching something particular, you can always select the search bar to get the title of your desire.

 The more content you watch, the better the app gets at understanding your preferences and choices and it will automatically customize its recommendations as per your taste.

Enabling Subtitles and Captions

When you start watching a TV show or suppose a film, you would come across multiple customization options that would enable you with a better viewing experience. You can go ahead and enable the subtitles in the language of your choice and also move to a different audio language in the majority of titles.

Adding Title to Your Watchlist

You can choose to add a title to the watchlist if you come across something intriguing but plan on watching it later on. Just press on the My List icon below the name of the title to add it to your watchlist. The streaming app is also designed to support the downloading content, by selecting the Download icon. Upon the completion of the download, you can see the content in the ‘My Downloads’ section.

Controlling the Usage of Data

Netflix lets you have the data usage under control from the Parental Controls and Profile option in your Account section. In a particular profile, select Change for Playback Settings. This would let you select from the four settings: Low with 0.3GB/hour, Medium with 0.7GB/hour, High with 3GB/hour in HD, followed by Auto (an automated adjustment according to your internet speed). After you have made your selection, tap on Save Changes.

Netflix boasts of a large variety of plans for the customers to select from. You can choose the subscription plan as per your requirements. You can however always change the plan of subscription from the Change Plan option available in the app’s Plan Details section.

 Furthermore, Netflix also has this beautiful feature where you can view contents from a different region of your choice using Netflix VPN. So, enjoy streaming Netflix and have a great binge-watch session with your loved ones.

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