how to make ammo

How to Make Ammo

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Firearms are a massive part of the culture in the United States, and they’re valuable tools for hunting and self-defense. Over 390 million registered firearms are in the US, and ammunition supplies are dwindling, increasing prices. Learning how to make ammo is wise if you’re tired of breaking your bank account to keep up with your target shooting or self-defense habits.

The right equipment and supplies will help you save money and have more ammunition for future hunting or target shooting endeavors. You don’t need to spend a small fortune on bullets when hunting season arrives when you’re making ammo yourself.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn how to create your ammunition supplies. Keep reading to learn how to make ammunition for your favorite firearm today!

Prepare Your Equipment

You’ll need the proper equipment to start making your ammunition from home instead of purchasing it at the store. Find an area with good lighting to set up shop when making bullets. Your chosen location should allow you to keep everything you need within reach.

Collect Old Cartridges

Collecting old cartridges is another essential step when learning how to make ammo from home. You can recycle these cartridges and use them to make more ammo.

Ensure you clean them before reloading them with your ammunition supplies. You can discover us reloading supply to get all the essentials to prepare for hunting season. Use vinegar to clean your brass cartridges by hand before reloading.

Prime and Add Gunpowder

Add a new primer to the cartridge once it’s finished drying. You’ll need to squeeze the cartridge to return it to its original size. Once you’ve confirmed it’s the right size, insert the new primer and prepare to load the gunpowder.

Use a scale to weigh the proper amount of gunpowder for the round you’re firing. Too little will leave it underpowered, and too much will result in a dangerous round. Place unused powder back in the container to prevent damage to your equipment.

Reload the Round

After adding the gunpowder, place it in a shell holder and crimp the casing’s sides. Apply some of your favorite gun oil to the round, then ram it to create the perfect new case. Lubricate any moving parts before proceeding with this step to maintain safety.

Add the Bullet

Check your bullet and measure it to ensure it’s the proper size before adding it to the casing. Check the length of your bullet’s case and the headspace of the round itself.

Now You Know How to Make Ammo

Learning how to make ammo is critical to avoid wasting money on ammunition for hunting season or self-defense. Collect and clean your spent bullet casings before applying the gunpowder to them, and always weigh the gunpowder before reloading the round. Measure the bullet to ensure it’s the proper size to maintain gun safety.

Are you looking for ways to save money on ammunition this hunting season? Check out our guns and ammunition blog content for the latest news, trends, and products today!

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