How to Get A Birth Certificate in Florida

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Having a copy of your birth certificate at all times is necessary since you may not know when you will need it. A copy is useful for many purposes including school registration, marriage, and travel, general identification, getting a driver’s license, andan application for a passport. You may even want your birth certificate Florida record to construct a family tree.

The State of Florida provides every person born an opportunity to get copies of their birth certificate. Legal representatives and any other family member can apply and get copies of the birth certificate of people born in the state. It is always possible to get copies of birth certificates easily and quickly provided you have the right documentation and information.

A birth certificate is obtainable by mail or in person. If you need one, here is the process to go about it.

Determine your eligibility

To get the document in person, you must meet specific requirements for obtaining the birth certificate from the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. By determining your eligibility, it enables you to avoid making unnecessary trips.

The state of Florida needs you to meet any of the following set standards.

  • You must be at least 18 years old and be the child named on the certificate.
  • You must be the parent, legal representative or guardian of the person named on the document.
  • Have a court order.

You should also prepare your proper documentation to hand over to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Adequate preparation ensures that there are no delays in getting the birth certificate if you choose to get it via mail. Also, you must fill out an application form or write a request letter that has all the necessary information.

The Bureau also requires a copy of your valid photo ID.

Have payments ready

It is possible to get two types of birth certificate Florida copies. The price ranges between $9 and $14. It is mandatory for you to pay by personal check, credit card, or money order when you file an application. Both copies are valid and recognized as official documents. The computer certification type costs $9 and processed within three days.

On the other hand, a copy certification costs up to $14 and processed within 3 to 5 days. To avoid any delays, ensure that you make the money order or personal check out to “Vital Statistics.”

File your application

Collect all the necessary documentation, complete your letter of request or application forms, and then prepare the fees to get paid. After completing all these processes, file your application. It may take days up to several weeks depending on the birth certificate that you have applied for.
You can provide a self-addressed express delivery envelope if you want to get your birth certificate more quickly.

If you need assistance getting a birth certificate in Florida, get in touch with Fast Birth Certificates by filling our contact form.

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