The Beauty of Nature

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Beauty is, probably, one of the most controversial aspects in the human life. The reason for that is that the vision of beauty depends on one’s tastes, and there are as many tastes as people. The simplicity is beautiful, as was said by Arthur Haley in his book Wheels. In fact, it is the main message the author communicates in his novel. Indeed, it is hard to imagine something more beautiful than simplicity and naturalness. However, there is, obviously, nothing that can be so simple and, at the same time, complicated as nature. In fact, this is where its beauty lies.

Beauty can be found everywhere in nature; it is easy to notice it even in the weirdest places of the Earth. Beauty is represented by the great variety of birds, flowers, plants, and animals. Besides, the real beauty is seen on the hills and valleys, mountains, and in the skies. Therefore, beautiful are considered all the things created by God. Even a hunter is often captivated by the gorgeousness of beautiful flowers. A fisherman can be enthralled by the magnificence of the countless creatures that inhabit the blue seas. Because of their beauty, the oceans’ bottoms are explored by a great number of divers. Travelers and farmers also appreciate the beauty of nature. The farmer finds it in the diversity of plants which he grows, while the traveler is excited by the beauty of remote mountains and hills, wild rivers and endless fields. In addition, travelling at night reveals completely different sides of nature’s beauty. Many people like watching the abundant animals and birds that lead a night life. Even the smallest creatures that can be found in nature are beautiful. Searching for beauty, a lot of people spend a great amount of money on travelling since this is a good way to enjoy the beauty of various places and things all over the world. A person admiring the beauty of nature is able to recognize it even in the blow of the wind and movement of clouds. Admiration of beauty that one finds around pushes a person to express this feeling by the means of the colorful language that is beautiful itself. Such people are poets.

The beauty of nature is not only what can be viewed by the human eye. Every beautiful thing, place, or creature has a soul. The mystery that lies in nature, its inscrutability, makes it even more beautiful. Despite all the mysterious things that nature hides, it is still considered to be beautiful in its simplicity and, at the same time, even more valuable.

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