Modern Living Room Design

How to Create a Charming Modern Living Room Design

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A home is not a home without a living room. The living room is the social and intellectual heart of a home. It’s where you entertain guests or relax with loved ones after a long day at work.

That’s why a living room is one of the most important spaces within the home. However, it’s not just a space — it’s a culmination of design and functionality. Fusing these two traits is always tricky, so how can you create a charming modern living room design?

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Gather Inspiration

A great starting point is to search online for stylish living room pictures and inspirational ideas. Take notice of the decor, furniture, and color schemes of the pictures that appeal to you.

Create a mood board to store your ideas and provide a vision of the finished product. Attend home décor shows and read magazines to refresh your inspiration and to find the latest trends for modern living rooms.

Choose Your Color Palette

Consider what colors you think would make a statement in your living room that works with the existing decor and furniture. You can choose a bold, bright color scheme or a muted, softer palette – whichever you prefer. You may even choose to mix and match multiple colors for a truly unique look.

After you have selected your colors, select a few coordinating pieces for the living space. Throw pillows and curtains are great for bringing the color palette together and really tying the entire look together. Lastly, choose furnishings and decor pieces that complement the color palette and make use of the room’s natural lighting.

Incorporate Texture

To create a charming modern living room design, incorporating texture is key. Start by choosing rugs from for good quality rugs that are comfortable and fit the room’s style. For the walls, consider various textures such as wallpaper, shiplap, stone, or brick.

A simple velvet couch can provide an elegant and inviting atmosphere and bring texture to the room. Throw pillows in faux fur, wool, velvet, or linen can bring a sense of opulence. Incorporate woven baskets, handmade ceramic bowls, or wooden sculptures into the room to add texture and interest.

Invest in Quality Furniture

Creating a charming design involves investing in quality living room furniture. Start your design by selecting quality pieces that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Being comfortable is key when sitting in the living room, so select pieces that you will enjoy spending time in.

Design savvy furniture pieces that introduce luxury to the room will surely make the space look more inviting and fashionable. Invest in furniture that is timeless, such as a sofa, coffee table, end tables, and media storage.

Creating Modern Living Room Design

Creating a modern living room design is not just about selecting pieces of furniture, adding wall art, and accessorizing! It’s about establishing balance and harmony between function and style, texture and color.

With these easy steps, you can create a charming modern living room design in no time.

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