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Should You Install an Underground Propane Tank? Top Considerations

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Propane heating is an underrated way to heat your home and survive the frigid winter temperatures. Despite its affordability, only five percent of homeowners in the United States use propane as their primary home heating source. It’s an excellent option for a sustainable home at affordable pricing.

One of the best ways to enjoy propane heating in your home is through an underground propane tank. These tanks help you store your extra gas underground to go longer between fuel deliveries and fill-ups. If you’re considering using residential propane, it’s wise to consider the benefits of a home propane tank.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn about the top things to consider when shopping for a propane tank for your home’s heating needs. Continue reading to find the ideal propane tank today!

Propane Tank Needs

Propane tanks sound like an excellent addition to your home’s heat source, but it’s critical to consider the storage needs of your new tank. It’s best to start by calculating the amount of propane your household needs. There are two standard sizes for propane tanks, with 100-pound and 500-pound tanks covering your needs.

You want to ensure you’re purchasing and installing an underground propane tank that will last the entire winter. A tank that is too small will run out of gas before the cold weather disappears. You’ll need to schedule several fuel deliveries to meet your heating needs.

A 1,500-gallon tank is excellent if you have multiple people in your household. A professional tank installer will also provide helpful insight to guide you toward the best propane tank.

Consider the Aesthetics

One of the primary holdups homeowners face with propane tanks is their aesthetics. Most homeowners invest in the design and appearance of their homes. A large propane tank can detract from the look you want for your home.

Above-ground propane tanks could detract from the scenic beauty of your home’s gardens. An underground propane tank will maintain your desired aesthetic since it’s hidden out of sight. The only blemish in your yard is a small dome to make it easier for the propane tank delivery technician to access and refill it.

Hire the best propane tank installation service to ensure your tank is hidden but accessible. The installer will go the extra mile to ensure your tank is difficult for neighbors and passersby to spot.

Understand the Safety Concerns

There’s no doubting the perks of choosing an underground propane tank for your home’s heating needs. It’s out of sight, and the propane within poses zero risk to the surrounding environment. The soil and water in your yard will be okay if some propane leaks from your tank since it’s a green gas.

It’s still worthwhile to consider the safety of a propane tank for your home. Propane is combustible and poses a fire risk, so proper precaution should be used when spending time around the tank. Having the tank underground is beneficial because it’s less exposed to risks and severe weather.

You’ll enjoy increased safety if you opt for an underground propane tank. The odds of the tank getting damaged decrease, and the ambient temperature impacts won’t impact your gas storage.

Consider the Costs

Propane tank installation is costly, so it’s helpful to consider your budget when contacting a propane tank installer. Most of the cost of an underground tank is the labor involved in installing it. The installation process is more complex than what you’d get with a standard propane storage tank.

The long-term savings you’ll enjoy with an underground tank will be worth the extra money you pay for installation. You’ll get all the benefits of propane for home heating with increased convenience and a much larger storage supply.

An underground tank also maintains your home and garden’s aesthetic. You’re paying extra not to have a giant propane tank taking away from your yard’s appearance.

Think About Installation Time

The installation time is also a consideration you must make if you want an underground propane tank for your residential heating needs. Find a day when your schedule is open so you can be home during installation. The time varies based on your tank size, but it’s best to block out at least a few hours for the installation.

Your installation service will give you a rough estimate of the time required to handle your installation. If you find an installer offering lower rates and rapid installation, it’s a red flag. Check their reviews to ensure they’re a legitimate and well-regarded installation option.

Consider the Location

Your yard must meet specific requirements to fit the bill for an underground propane tank. The installer will visit your home and find several spots suitable for an underground tank. The goal is to find a location that won’t impact your home’s other underground systems.

The tank must be installed at least ten feet from a building, and the tank’s dome should be in a protected area. It’s best to remain flexible with your tank’s location to avoid disappointment or frustration. Your yard’s aesthetics will still look excellent, but safety should always come first.

Find the Best Company

You don’t want to cut corners when making a significant investment like a home propane tank. Do your research into the best tank models and sizes for your household.

It helps to find the best propane company to install your tank to enjoy peace of mind. They’ll supply the best products and ensure your system is hooked up perfectly.

Invest in an Underground Propane Tank Today

Propane offers a green energy source perfect for hating your home and running appliances, but many homeowners balk at the idea of a home propane tank. An underground propane tank is ideal since it’s out of sight and helps store the gas necessary for home heating. Set a budget and find reputable propane tank services to upgrade your home’s heat source.

Upgrading your home’s systems and utilities is a surefire way to boost your home’s value and curb appeal. Find other tips and tricks to raise your home’s value with our Real Estate and Home blog content today!

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