Lake Berryessa water level: check current water level, learn about drought conditions and plan your activities

Water Level at Lake Berryessa

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Water Level at Lake Berryessa have been affected by drought. In 2014, the lake reached its lowest level in history at 394 feet. Since then, however, the lake has recovered, and as of March 2023, the water level is 430.2 feet.

Water Level at Lake Berryessa on March 2023 is 131 Meter

The water level of Lake Berryessa can fluctuate throughout the year and depends on a variety of factors including precipitation, snowmelt, and water use

Generally, the lake’s water level is highest during the spring months when snowmelt from the surrounding mountains increases inflow into the lake.

Conversely, the water level is lowest in the fall months when water consumption is generally higher and there is less precipitation.

How to Check Lake Berryessa Water Levels

Visitors can visit the lake’s official website, which contains up-to-date information on current water levels as well as historical data.

The website also contains information about the lake’s capacity and average water level for each month of the year, which can be helpful when planning a trip to the lake.

Lake Berryessa is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR). The USBR uses the lake to provide water for irrigation, drinking water supply, and flood control. The lake is also a popular recreational destination for activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming.

It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, boating, and hiking. One important aspect of the lake that visitors should be aware of is the water level, which can have a significant impact on recreational activities and the surrounding area

Lake Berryessa is a reservoir in Napa and Solano counties in California. It is formed by Monticello Dam, which was built across Putah Creek in 1957. The lake has an area of 161 square miles and a maximum capacity of 2.4 million acre-feet.

The recent rise in Lake Berryessa’s water level is due to a combination of factors, including increased rainfall and snowmelt. The USBR hopes the lake will continue to fill and meet the region’s water needs in the coming years.


It is important to note that changes in water levels can affect recreational activities and access to certain areas of the lake.

Water Level at Lake Berryessa Low water levels may result in the closure of some boat ramps and marinas, making certain areas of the lake inaccessible to boats.. In addition, low water levels can affect fishing conditions and the health of the lake’s ecosystem.

In recent years, the water level of Lake Berryessa has dropped considerably due to periods of drought

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