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4 Common Errors in Creating SEO Campaigns and How to Avoid Them

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Organic search traffic is one of the most effective ways to generate visitors to your website. Reports show that 69% of digital traffic is from local and organic searches. However, just having a website online isn’t enough to rise in the Google rankings and see results.

It takes time for SEO to work, so you don’t want to spend time on things that don’t move the needle. Avoid the errors in creating SEO campaigns below to build your website’s authority and get Google traffic.

1. Only Focusing On High-Traffic Keywords

It’s tempting to look for high-traffic keywords when starting SEO. You think that by targeting those search terms, Google will automatically put your content in the same category as the other top-ranking pages.

But this usually never happens. You have to have a strong website before you have a chance of targeting those terms. Instead, look for lower-traffic terms with less competition to increase your chance of ranking and getting traffic.

2. Over-Optimizing for One Term

Website pages hardly ever rank for only one term. Content will contain several secondary terms that relate to the page’s main topic. That means you don’t need to over-optimize your website for one search term to get results.

If you want to maximize the SEO campaign elements for each page, include those terms in your content for SEO. Use your primary keyword a few times on your page to let Google know what it’s about. From there, you can include terms related to the topic to increase your search presence for secondary keywords.

3. Missing the Search Intent

If your goal with your website is to sell products, you may want to make the most of every page to advertise your offering. But this is a problem if your content doesn’t align with what a visitor wants.

Take a purely informational search term such as “how to fix a bad dishwasher motor.” In this case, the searcher may not be interested in buying a new dishwasher. But if you offer dishwashers as products, you may spend time trying to convince the searcher to buy something new.

This is a bad experience for the user that Google tries to avoid.

4. Skipping On-Page Optimization

It takes more than great content to rank on Google. You need a fast website, a good user experience, good usage of schema markup, proper usage of meta-tags, and other on-page factors.

Some of these things are more technical, so you may skip doing them if you don’t know how. Instead, try to find help getting the job done.

There are many effective and affordable SEO services available to help.

Avoid Errors in Creating SEO Campaigns

SEO is a long-term process. You spend a lot of time upfront to create great content and optimize your website, and you wait to see how Google responds to your efforts. The last thing you want is to do things the wrong way and waste all that time to not get results.

There are many errors in creating SEO campaigns that will lead to this happening. Avoid the mistakes above and learn how SEO works to build effective SEO campaigns.

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