Relish Your Perfectly Cooked Tri Tip On A Gas Grill

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Everyone’s tastebuds are different. Every food lover wants to relish their food in the way they want. But one thing that is common in every food lover is perfectly cooked food. If the food is cooked correctly and the ingredients used are appropriate, then the food quality and taste improve. Thus the person who is eating the food gets disappointed. The same is with the Tri tip grill. It should be grilled in such a way that it does not remain uncooked or do not get overcooked. Then let’s find out How to slow cook tri tip on gas grill to get the perfect texture and taste.

What Is A Tri Tip?

It is a steak that is a lower triangular part of the beef. It is one of the most popular dinners. It is well-known for its taste and its cooking way. People love to cook it most of the time because it takes less time to cook and tastes like heaven. If you are a Tri tip steak lover, it is interesting that there are three main ways to cook the cuisine. The one is in the oven, the second is on the gas grill, and the third is to grill it on coal.

The most popular way to cook it is on the gas grill.

How To Cook The Tri Tip Steak On The Gas Grill?

There are two ways you can cook the Tri tip on the gas grill. You can cook it fast and then slow down the gas grill. And the other way is to slow cook on the gas grill. If you are a beginner learning to grill on the gas grill, then it would be best to go for slow cooking of Tri tip of the beef. Then How to slow cook tri tip on gas grill to get the perfect taste of the meat?

One of the essential benefits of slow-cooking steak on the gas grill is the perfect tender and juicy texture. Also, as the name suggests, the steak is triangular. Therefore, the narrower part may get grilled sooner than the wider part, making the steak unevenly cooked. Cooking the meat on a slow gas grill may help you to get a well-cooked and good textured steak.

Perfect Procedure To Slow Cook Tri Tip On The Gas Grill

The first step to get a perfect roast and juicy texture of a Tri tip steak is to remove it from the freezer before cooking. It is always good to roast the meat at room temperature.

The second step involved marination. Perfect marination with the help of salt, pepper, and garlic salt will enhance the taste of the Tri tip steak. Ensure that you dry rub these ingredients. Add garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and brown sugar, and add more flavor to the marination.

Then preheat the gas grill to make it ready for the perfect roast. Then lower the flame of the gas grill and put the marinated steak on it. Within 50-60 minutes, your Tri tip meal will be ready.

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