Fabulous Ideas to Style Asian Hairstyles Men

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Generally, Asian men are blessed with thick and textured locks, which implies it is pretty effortless to change from one Asian hairstyle to another depending on the trendiest Asian hairstyles men.

Our collection here includes some of the trendiest Asian haircuts for men. So, the only thing you are needed to do is browse through these hairstyles for Indian men and choose the ones that suit your type of hair and face shape. Continue reading here, and it is just a matter of minutes before you land the best hairstyles men to rock your looks. This content is also very helpful to you.

1 – Godfrey Gao’s Double Block Haircut.

You have seen the famous actor Godfrey Gao with his two-block short haircut. The style is created by keeping the manes on the sides and that on the lower back short, while the hair at the top is kept at medium length. It is one of the most preferred Asian hairstyles men.

2 – Fringe Up Hairstyle.

While in this haircut the manes at the sides are kept medium length, the top manes are styled into a fringe with improved volume using pomade or any other hair styling product.

3 – Short and Spiky.

Men generally don’t like spending much of their time on maintaining their haircuts. So, if you are in the category of those who hate the idea of regular haircut maintenance, tell your barber to give you this short and spiky Asian hairstyle for men. The haircut takes care of itself, freeing you. All that you need is some hairspray, and you are ready to go.

4 – Simple and Medium Asian Men Hairstyle.

For the Asian guys who like medium length hairstyles, this is one of the best hairstyles men you should consider this year. The hairstyle is easy to style and also won’t take much of your time in styling. You can also style it in different ways depending on the one that rocks your hair type and face shape.

5 – Medium Layered Haircut.

You can tell your barber to trim your hair at varying lengths, thus getting this medium layered haircut that is fun to rock and pretty flattering. Utilise some hair products such as wax and portion the layers and reveal the cut.

6 – Spiked at The Top.

You can rock a cool look by opting for a spiked haircut. The spikes can easily be achieved by the use of any hair product and scrunching your hair using your fingers. Hairspray or wax are some of the best products you can use to help you come up with spikes.

7 – Pompadour for Asian Men.

Pompadour is the newest and among the most request Asian hairstyles men in most barber shops. This fantastic hairstyle gives you a youthful look, that is attributed to the shaved sides, and the elongated hair left untouched at the top. The hair at the crown can be styled in different ways depending on your preferences. You can rock it messy or choose to slick it back.

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