Rarest Flowers in the World

What Are the Rarest Flowers in the World?

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People nowadays are so lucky since they can enjoy the convenience of online florist services. They don’t need to go anywhere to get their favourite bouquet. Just a few clicks and they will have their blooms delivered to their house.

Another impressive point about an online florist is that you can find a wide variety of flowers offered. Some florists may even offer such rare varieties on their windows. Speaking of which, what flowers are considered the rarest in the world?

While many blooms can be easily found in nature, some of them are just so rare and may have been extinct. They may only bloom in particular seasons or even after several decades. Then, what are the most exceptional blooms out there?

The Rarest Blooms around the World

When it comes to a rare variety, Kadapul Flower will suit the category. This beautiful flower is probably not available in all flower delivery services since it is primarily found in Sri Lanka’s forests. Besides, this flower only blooms at midnight and perish before the sunrise.

  1. Campion Flower

Gibraltar is the only area where you can find Campion or Silene tomentosa flower. This bloom only survives for a while and has a weak fragrant. In 1992, this flower was even announced to be extinct. But, someone finally saw the Campion flower still exist in 1994.

  1. Chocolate Cosmos

Unfortunately, you may not be able to find Chocolate Cosmos in any flower delivery service. This stunning bloom has been extinct. The one exists today is only a clone of the novel Chocolate Cosmos. And where it blooms is now defended by the law.

  1. Jade Vine

Who doesn’t get enchanted by the beauty of Jade Vine? Its blue and light green hues make Jade Vine very fascinating. This rare bloom is included in pea and bean family. With claw-shaped blooms, this flower will be highly noticeable when found in the rainforest.

  1. Middlemist Red

This is another bloom you will hardly find in an online florist service. Middlemist Red is considered as the rarest bloom in the world for a reason. First, there are only two samples of Middlemist Red available today. The two are located in the UK and New Zealand.

Middlemist Red looks a bit similar to a rose, especially for its deep pink colour. Many studies have been conducted to find other species in connection with this flower. In addition to this flower, there are also some rare blooms like Corpse Flower and Youtan Poluo.

The Rarest Rose You Can Find Today

In addition to the most exceptional flowers above, some varieties of roses are also considered rare. It’s no secret that almost all flower delivery services offer a range of roses on their window. However, some varieties are considered unusual for their colours.

Blue Rose is one of the rarest varieties of this species. It is hard to find blue roses in nature since this variety is modified instead of growing naturally. While the first blue rose is painted, nowadays you can find the real one.

However, the real blue rose available nowadays is created through advanced genetic modification. It took around 20 years for scientists to eventually come out with this blue rose. The bloom has the same shade of lilac colour, but it is still called as blue rose anyway.

It is quite easy to find blue roses on online delivery services. When most of them are painted, they don’t harm the true meaning behind blue roses. This rare bloom is often linked to true love that is unattainable and unrivalled.

Where to Get the Most Unique Flower Online

Are you interested in buying rare flowers on the market? While you may not be able to get the rarest ones since some of them are protected by the law, it is still possible to purchase the exceptional blue roses.

You can get a beautiful bouquet of blue roses for your loved one. It would be a good idea to send this flower as an encouraging message for someone special as well. Now the question is: where is the best place to buy this rare rose?

To conclude, some flowers are considered the rarest since they have been extinct or just grow at a particular time only. However, you can still get a unique blue rose that is also considered rare. Simply visit Flower Advisor if you need a flower delivery service!

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