Common Misconceptions of Online Pharmacies  

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Trying anything new can be scary, especially when it comes to our health. However, getting your prescriptions online is no different than getting it from your local pharmacy. Online pharmacies still seem to be shrouded in mystery and mistrust despite being totally above board. Let’s debunk some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding online pharmacies.

“Buying from online pharmacies is illegal.”

Ordering prescriptions online is legal and safe, online pharmacies are subject to regulation just as other pharmacies are. The regulations ensure a high standard of service. Ordering online is also discreet and convenient; you can fit it into your lifestyle.

“The drugs are of low quality.”

The prices are low because online pharmacies have less overhead than high street pharmacies and so they can pass those savings on to the consumer. The low price has no correlation to the quality of the drugs, just because the prices are low doesn’t mean the quality is! As stated above the online pharmacies are subject to the same regulations as the high street, they source their medications from the same places and the manufacturing processes are consistent.  Some pharmacies offer branded versions and generic versions.

“They aren’t safe.”

Medical professionals oversee prescriptions and provide clinical advice just as chemists do in the high street. The regulations and regular inspections by professional bodies guarantee the quality of the drugs and the medical advice consumers receive. For certain drugs or drugs that have the potential for misuse, patients are sometimes asked to participate in a questionnaire, to safeguard the consumer and make sure the treatment is safe and effective. Consumers are also encouraged on occasion to see a doctor if it is felt they need it.

“The delivery is unreliable.”

The delivery times are similar to most online delivery times. Standard UK postage being two to three working days with express delivery options being available to purchase. The consumer can opt for the delivery most convenient for them. If the medication is needed quickly then an express delivery should be chosen. Although it is advisable to order your prescription when you first start running low as opposed to when you’ve run out.

“Can you really trust an online pharmacy?”

Online pharmacies often provide all information needed to make an informed decision on the course of medication or even any alternatives to be considered. Orders are reviewed by a doctor or a pharmacist so that all products supplied are a safe and effective treatment for the consumer. If the order is deemed to be against any of these criteria the access to the medication will be rescinded and another treatment will be suggested.

If this article has calmed your fear and apprehension, consider an online pharmacy for a fast and convenient way to procure your prescriptions. Research is important when choosing the correct online pharmacy is a reputable online pharmacy and a great place to start when buying prescriptions online.

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