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Where Should You Go On Your Next Road Trip?

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Imagine a breathtaking journey with an ever-changing panorama. From sun-drenched coastlines to sky-piercing mountains and endless deserts to bustling metropolises, this is the captivating allure of a road trip. An adventure that offers exhilarating freedom is seldom found elsewhere.

As an American tradition, the road trip is not just a journey. It’s an exploration of diverse landscapes, a discovery of local cultures, and a bonding experience with our loved ones.

So, where should your next road trip take you? We’ve curated a list of exceptional routes and destinations to inspire your next adventure.

Route 66: An Iconic American Road Trip

Embarking on a journey across Route 66 in Leisureland new RVs is akin to traversing through the diverse chapters of American history. This legendary highway stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica. It offers a panorama of:

  • America’s heartland
  • Small towns
  • Interesting roadside attractions

The richness of the experience that Route 66 offers makes it a popular choice among new RV owners. It’s an American road trip that encapsulates the spirit of the country.

Pacific Coast Highway: A Coastal Adventure

Picture this: You’re in your comfortable, spacious, and feature-rich recreational vehicle. You’re driving along a route where the horizon ahead is a stunning blend of azure sky and sea. This is what awaits you on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Travel in style, stopping whenever you please to soak in the breathtaking sea views or explore the charming coastal towns. Landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge add an extra layer of fascination to your journey.

Blue Ridge Parkway: Nature’s Charm Unfolded

For those seeking an escape into the tranquil beauty of nature, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect road trip destination. As you drive your RV through the serene Appalachian Mountains, each bend in the road offers a new picturesque vista.

It’s an ideal family trip. Especially during the autumn months when the foliage bursts into vivid hues.

Great River Road: Tracing the Mighty Mississippi

For history buffs and nature lovers alike, the Great River Road presents an unrivaled American road trip experience. Your RV will carry you alongside the mighty Mississippi, through national parks, historical landmarks, and delightful river towns.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an RV for sale to start your journey, or already an RV owner, the Great River Road promises a uniquely enriching adventure.

Overseas Highway: A Unique Journey Over the Sea

Finally, imagine a road trip where your highway is suspended over the ocean, the boundary between sea and sky is blurred, and the views are nothing short of spectacular. This is the Overseas Highway. It stretches from Miami to Key West.

The ultimate vehicle for this journey is a recreational vehicle, designed for comfort, flexibility, and style. This route is an unforgettable experience, one that transforms an ordinary American road trip into a mesmerizing journey across the sea.

Embark on Your Next Adventure

Unleash your adventurous spirit and embrace the iconic American road trip. As the highway unfurls ahead, let the rhythm of the road, the majesty of nature, and the camaraderie of loved ones create memories that last a lifetime.

Armed with your RV and our suggestions, you’re ready to turn your next journey into an unforgettable adventure. Ready to plan more exciting trips? Discover an abundance of travel ideas and inspiration in our Travel section.

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