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Disney Vacation Club Points Chart: How Does It Work?

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Do you want to know more details about the Disney timeshare program? Or perhaps you’re interested in how it works? If so, we may have the answers for you.

The program uses a point-based system with an annual chart to give members an idea about how much they should collect for each benefit. It varies for each resort and attraction, so the key is understanding the process and staying updated.

Here is a guide to the Disney Vacation Club points chart system to get you started.

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work?

Disney Vacation Club works by allowing members to buy Vacation Points and redeem them at related properties. It’s similar to most timeshare programs where customers can purchase partial ownership for a guaranteed stay but uses point instead.

With a typical timeshare, you should commit to traveling at specific properties and dates. But with the Disney Vacation Club system, you can spend your points across all DVC destinations whenever. It also includes trips worldwide as long as you have enough points.

How Many Points Do You Need?

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points chart works by assigning points to various Disney Vacation Club resorts. These points correspond to the length of stay, particular bedroom size, and type of accommodations.

How many points you need depends on the resort and the time of year you are interested in booking. Generally, resorts with more features and amenities require more points for an equivalent stay. Some of the most popular resorts require more points with resorts in locations such as Hawaii, Aulani, Vero Beach, Hilton Head requiring the most points.

The length of stay also determines the points necessary. The more nights you stay, the less points per night needed.

The Disney Vacation Club Member Process

You have to be a member to enjoy the benefits of the Disney Vacation Club points program. Here’s a brief on how the process works:

Becoming a Member

You must purchase real estate interest in one of Disney’s eligible Vacation Club resorts, which will later be your home resort. With this, you pay money in exchange for annual Vacation Points.

It costs at least $30,000 to become a member and gather points. Although it’s a one-time payment, you also pay recurring dues annually.

Buying Vacation Points

Most programs give their members points for continuously engaging with the business. But with DVC, you have to purchase them yourself.

While the points are expensive, using them offers a better deal than paying for reservations in cash, saving you more than 50% on your expense.

Using Vacation Points

You can use your Disney Vacation Club points at any eligible resort according to their availability. They also work when paying for other Disney vacations, like cruises, expeditions, and other adventures.

What to Do With Unused Points?

If you have unused points, you can roll them over to the following year if you know you won’t use them up this year. It’s also a great way to increase your future points. You can also instantly sell your DVC points by filling up the form in the resale shop to make it available to other members.

Learn How the Disney Vacation Club Points Chart System Works Today

The Disney Vacation Club points chart system allows members to save on the cost they spend when booking participating resorts. Moreover, they can enjoy access to exclusive trips throughout the year.

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