Ordinary mops have been replaced by the Scrubber

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Today human activities have gathered such momentum that most of the time one stays outside. One mainly stays in office, shopping malls, parlors, auditorium, hospitals or any commercial buildings. In these places cleaning with the ordinary mop is beyond question. If the cleanliness of the floors of these places can be maintained then it can only be a scrubber. Only the best floor scrubber can keep these places clean.

Buying Consideration

You might prefer a battery-driven scrubber. In that case, check out how you can avail for free battery maintenance. Remember, if the battery charger is not on board then it would be rather difficult to remove the battery and then attach all the time. Further, the type of the floors and the interior designing of the rooms are also very important factors which must be considered before buying.

Common mistakes

Remember accessories are very exciting, but in getting the accessories do not compromise with the main objective. The scrubber should be hardy. Avoid such scrubber which demands complicated functioning. The simple thing always lasts longer with lower maintenance. More the facility you demand more is the risk. So, simply see how the scrubber functions. Another thing you must know is to how you can do the maintenance to use the same scrubber for a longer period.

3 Best Scrubbers in the Market

Let us see some of the best scrubbers of today:

  1. Karcher Floor Scrubber: The machine is very impressive with some excellent features like lightweight, easy to manage and suitable for all floors.


  • The model is very stylish and sleek.
  • Users find it easy to operate because it is handy.


  • The machine is a bit overpriced.
  1. Viper AS430C Electric Scrubber: The machine has a unique design that makes it have a less wear and tear. This makes it go for a long time without any disturbances.


  • It has a warranty of five years.
  • It has three years warranty on labor


  • The product is expensive and high priced when compared to other scrubbing machines.
  1. Advance SC351 Floor Scrubber: The scrubber is easy to use and the heavy built body removes stains and glitches very easily.


  • The machine is very easy to maintain and tackle.
  • The onboard battery saves your time and increases the productivity.


  • It is quite an expensive deal and all just cannot afford.

Now you know how to select the best scrubber for your floorings.

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