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A Quick Guide to Surfing for Beginners

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Do you want to learn how to surf? Perhaps you want to improve your skill, or maybe you’re just starting? Whichever it is, we have the guide you need.

Surfing for beginners may feel intimidating, so you must have patience as you learn the ropes. But even with the best trainer in town, how do you start learning to surf?

Here’s a guide on how to surf as a starter and a couple of tips to note. Let’s begin!

Where to Surf

Surfing is enjoyable if you know the right spots, but it can also be dangerous if you end up in the wrong ones.

Many beginners make the mistake of aiming for big, long rows of waves far from shore. But the ideal place to surf is somewhere waves break slowly over a waist to a chest-deep sandy bottom.

It’s also good to pick a spot with fewer crowds so you can master how to paddle toward waves and pop up on your board.

What Gear to Get

Your surfing gear plays a big role in how well you control yourself while your ride waves. Usually, it refers to your attire and your surfboard.

Although shortboards leave a strong impact, they lack the volume and length to help riders catch waves. The type of board you want to look for should be long with a soft top for easier paddling and more stability.

For what you wear, there’s no strict attire to follow. But as a beginner, you want to be in the right outfit. You can even check for men’s and womens wetsuits linked here.

Easy Step-to-Step on How to Surf

There’s no easy way to learn how to surf. Even if you try several water activities, it takes a while to get used to. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide you can follow to get a better grasp of it:

  • Prepare the appropriate equipment
  • Find the best surfing spot
  • Practice popping up on your board
  • Know how to paddle
  • Learn how to get through waves
  • Learn how to ride a wave

Unlike other outdoor activities, it’s best to learn how to surf with guidance from a professional. So, consider getting a trainer or proper lessons if you’re new to it.

Basic Surfing Etiquette

When you learn to surf, you should know the house rules once you’re in the water. This way, it stays a fun experience for everyone.

The following are a few vital surfing etiquette points to remember:

Don’t Drop-In

The person waiting for the longest or closest to the deepest wave has the priority to go first. Don’t take off in front of them to ride the wave.

Don’t Be in the Way

Likewise, you shouldn’t be in the way of someone going toward a wave. You’ll learn to anticipate those waves along the way, but it’s good to remember this early on.

Avoid Back-Paddling

Most surfers find it rude to paddle past a surfer who’s in priority. To avoid this, you want to be sure you’re out of the way before a wave comes in.

Learn About Surfing for Beginners With These Tips

Surfing for beginners takes a lot of time to get used to, but it’s not necessarily impossible. You want to know the right place, gear, steps, and etiquette when you begin. This way, you stay out of trouble and keep yourself safe.

So, don’t wait! Start surfing now!

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