Are Wet Floor Signs Required in the Workplace and Other Public Spaces?

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As a business owner, you’ll want to protect yourself, your employees, and other visitors to your facilities. With wet floor signs, you can make sure your floors are always dry.

Not only will you protect the safety of your employees and visitors, but you’ll also save money by NOT rushing to hire an attorney!

While placing wet floor signs will keep your business safe, you need to know the law before putting them up. Below, we tell you when wet floor signs are necessary and when they’re not.

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Benefits of Wet Floor Signs

Wet floor signs are an important part of maintaining a safe and secure workplace and public space. In addition, it warns people of the:

  • Possible Hazards
  • To Regularly Clean and Mop up Spills
  • To Prevent Slips and Falls Among Both Staff and Guests

Wet floor signs also can alert people of the need for extra care when navigating an area, increasing safety and peace of mind for those nearby. Wet floor signs are especially beneficial in the workplace and other publicly-visited areas.

The Law Around Wet Floor Signs in Workplaces and Public Spaces

Wet floor signs are required by law in many public spaces to warn people of potential slips and falls caused by wet floors. Such signs must meet the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and any other applicable local laws.

Businesses and public venues must display the appropriate signs to create a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Wet floor signs must be placed in visible locations, and should be placed near any water puddles or standing water that could be a hazard.

If an area is cleaned with cleaning agents, the signage must be clearly labeled to indicate that the floor could become hazardous after cleaning. Make sure to consult a slip and fall attorney to avoid any personal injury lawsuit for your business.

How to Implement a Wet Floor Sign Strategy

Identify any areas where there are likely to be wet floors. Make sure the signs are visible and meet established safety standards. Place signs before a surface becomes wet and inappropriate locations.

Periodically check and replace the signs when needed, and regularly inspect the area for any slip or fall hazards. Implementing a wet floor sign strategy helps ensure the safety of employees and public visitors in the workplace and public spaces.

Best Practices of Using Wet Floor Signs

Good practices include using signs that are bright, durable, and feature bold writing which can be seen easily. Making sure the signs are placed in concise and easily visible positions such as doorway entries is a must. Lastly, the signs must be written on sturdy material like hard plastic and easy to deploy and transport.

Learning the Importance of Wet Floor Signs in the Workplace and Public Spaces

Wet floor signs are essential in the workplace and other public spaces to prevent slips and fall and to inform customers and employees of potential hazards. Taking the proper precautions and following government regulations will make sure that members of the public and employees will remain safe.

To ensure safety in the workplace and other public spaces, consider investing in this preventative measure.

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