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What Are the Main Types of Fundraising Campaigns?

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Trying to decide what type of fundraising campaign to do? There are a ton of great options out there. So here, we’re going to provide you with the types of campaigns you should consider.

You probably already have some ideas in mind. But if you need a starting point, this helps you in figuring out what direction you want to take. Let’s explore everything you need to know about fundraising campaigns.

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Donation-based Fundraising Campaigns

Donation-based fundraising campaigns are a popular way to raise money for non-profit organizations. However, it is important to understand the different types of donation-based fundraising campaigns available. This is to determine which one is best for your needs.

Generally, donation-based fundraising campaigns are divided into five main types:

  • direct donation campaigns
  • crowdfunding campaigns
  • matching campaigns
  • major gifts campaigns
  • legacy campaigns

Direct donation campaigns involve asking people to make a simple, direct donation. Crowdfunding campaigns encompass asking people to pledge. This often comes with a variety of reward tiers.

Matching campaigns involve an organization matching donations to a certain amount. This is usually with a corporate donor. Major gift campaigns rely on large donations from individuals or companies. Sometimes with a campaign kickoff or other event.

Legacy campaigns involve people making arrangements to donate a portion of their estate when they die. Each type of donation-based fundraising campaign has its pros and cons. This makes it important to understand your audience and their motivations before selecting the best option.

Peer-to-peer Fundraising Campaigns

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are a great way for nonprofits to get people involved in their cause and build a large donor base. These campaigns involve:

  • individuals
  • groups
  • organizations

They engage in meaningful fundraising to help others. Peer-to-peer fundraising requires a great deal of dedication and innovation to engage donors and raise money. Individuals can set up individual fundraising pages that include:

  • text and images
  • custom links
  • donation forms
  • promotional materials

This type of fundraising campaign encourages participants to share their individual pages with their networks and promote their cause on social media. Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns allow nonprofits to:

  • easily disseminate their message
  • reach a larger audience
  • raise funds to support themselves

As donors see the enthusiasm with which others are promoting the cause, they are likely to be more likely to contribute.

Event-based Fundraising Campaigns

Event-based fundraising campaigns are an effective way to generate funds for a variety of causes. These campaigns typically involve organizing an event or activity, such as a:

  • charity walk
  • race
  • fun run
  • concert

The idea is to raise awareness and donations for the desired cause. Fundraising recruitment agencies can help to manage and organize event-based fundraising campaigns. This is achieved by providing resources for:

  • marketing
  • registration
  • data collection processes

They can assist:

  • training volunteers
  • generating and managing donations
  • setting up timelines and budgets

These services can significantly decrease the workload for organizers by streamlining the campaign’s workflow. To ensure success, organizers need to create an engaging presentation for the fundraising event and promote it well through various channels. If you’re up for such an event, make sure to find professional fundraising recruitment agencies.

Explore Different Fundraising Campaigns

Nonprofit organizations typically use a combination of the main types of fundraising campaigns to meet their target goals. Whether it be an awareness event, an alumni asking program, an email campaign, or other variations, each organization must choose the best approach to maximize its resources and reach potential donors. Run a fundraising campaign and get involved in a cause.

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