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Unique Landscaping Tips and Ideas for New Homeowners

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Looking to add curb appeal? Are there times when you glance out at your yard, wanting it to be even better?

Landscaping is a great way to elevate your home, regardless of the style. If you’ve recently purchased a home or inherited one, you might be in the market for ideas on how to decorate the exterior.

Confused about how to get the ideas flowing? We’ve got you covered.

Here are unique landscaping tips for new homeowners looking to give their property a unique look.

Assess Your Yard

Look at the size of your yard, the soil composition, the amount of sun or shade, and what you want out of your curb appeal. Consider how you plan to use the space to determine the best plants or features you should add. Pay attention to the irrigation system available, how close the plants will be to each other, and how much maintenance each section needs.

Moreover, unique ideas for new homeowners would include things such as hardscaping elements like:

  • fences and terraces
  • retaining walls
  • fire pits
  • built-in benches

Creating a balance between a manicured landscape, low-maintenance greenery, and hardscape elements are just a few of the ways you can create a luxurious exterior design.

Add Native Plants

Native plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide critical wildlife habitat, reduce pollution, provide food for birds and other animals, and help to preserve local biodiversity. Consider the climate of the area and make sure the plants are chosen based on their growing and environmental conditions.

There are able to thrive even in dry or difficult conditions, so they are a great choice for home landscapes. There are often naturally pest-resistant, so they require less maintenance and chemicals.

Install Drought-Tolerant Plants

This is an efficient way to create a beautiful outdoor space that is also water-wise. With less water usage, water costs can be reduced. These plants have a higher tolerance for heat and tend to thrive in conditions where other plants may not survive. To reap the full benefits, try to select more native plants.

Group together plants with similar water needs for more efficient watering. A talented landscape designer can help create a breathtaking landscape featuring these resilient plants for a stunning look that will stay low maintenance.

Build a Rain Garden

A rain garden can help reduce runoff and capture the rain that would normally drain into a nearby storm sewer.

It acts like a sponge, soaking up and filtering this runoff, reducing the amount that enters the local watershed. Homeowners should consider factors such as size, shape, type of soil, and local climate when designing their rain gardens to ensure that their new garden thrives.

Create Outdoor Living Spaces

You can create an outdoor environment that is both beautiful and functional. Design ideas focus on creating four distinct outdoor living areas:

  • seating area
  • play areas
  • cooking and eating areas
  • leisure areas

Planters, trellises, fountains, and romantic pathways can enhance the overall atmosphere of your outdoor space. Offering a range of colors and textures, trees and shrubs bring in an extra element of natural beauty. Give custom landscape designs a try today and bring your outdoor space to life.

Incorporate Edible Landscaping

You can increase your home’s value, reduce its ecological footprint, and provide a source of fresh and nutritious produce for your family. Start small with a raised garden bed or a couple of fruit trees, then work your way up to a full-on edible landscape.

Plant herbs like basil to provide a fragrant focal point, shrubs like blueberries for ground cover, and trees like cherry, apple, and pear to add height and beauty. Encourage pollinators to provide natural pest control by planting flowers near your edibles and providing water sources such as birdbaths and shallow fountains.

Use Vertical Gardening

It can provide a vertical focal point to an outdoor area or be used as a practical way to maximize growth potential in tight spaces. For example, climbers can be used to cover fences and trellises to bring a dramatic splash of color. Plants that have trailing or cascading foliage can be ‘trained’ to grow along walls, creating a living green tabby.

Hanging baskets and window boxes can be used to give a creative flourish to decks, a backyard patios, and balconies. Vertical gardening can also provide a practical solution for privacy in the garden.

Consider Low-Maintenance Options

Low-maintenance landscaping can save both time and money in the long run. Options such as rock gardens, no-mow lawns with drought-tolerant plants, and artificial turf can be a great alternative to a traditional grass lawn. Not only do these options require much less mowing and maintenance, but they are also hardier and often require less water.

It can also mean fewer bugs and fewer weeds due to the less ideal conditions for bug and weed growth. Of course, adding container gardens and drought-tolerant plants will further save on water, and adding vegetable or perennial gardens will provide the beauty of nature without all of the labor.

Incorporate Lighting

Pathway and garden lights can be used to line walkways and create interesting patterns, while security lights can be used in areas where extra light may be required. For a unique look, use color-coordinated lighting, for example, white lights for pathways and colored lights to highlight features.

In addition, uplighting can be used to highlight and draw attention to trees, statues, or walls, while down lighting is used to add a subtle ambiance. It can be used to brighten outdoor spaces so that they can be used in the evenings and other times of the day.

Begin Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis With These Landscaping Tips

New homeowners can take their landscaping to another level if they try out these unique ideas. With careful research and some creative thinking, renovating your outdoor spaces can be a fun and rewarding experience. Try these unique landscaping tips and ideas, and you’ll be sure to transform your outdoor area into the outdoor paradise you’ve always wanted. We know you can do it!

Are you looking for more designs and ideas that you can incorporate? Check out the rest of our site today to get some inspiration.

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