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4 Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

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Do you have a small backyard that you’re struggling to figure out how to decorate?

There are tons of landscaping ideas that work well in small spaces throughout the entire world. With the right creativity and personalization, small backyards can look just as special as large ones.

Check out these must-know ideas to transform any little outdoor space into something magical.

1. Backyard With a Hot Tub and Barbecue

Planting a variety of evergreen trees and shrubs can act as a natural privacy fence. Sparse tall grasses and bright perennials can be planted around the barbecue and hot tub area to add a vibrant contrast to the green foliage and provide a great background when entertaining.

Installing outdoor lighting fixtures can create the perfect ambiance and allow for outdoor entertaining to extend into the evening hours. By adding a few comfortable seating options to the space, a cozy outdoor lounge area can be created.

A small patio or deck can be added for entertaining or as a plus to the hot tub and barbecue area. Providing a finished look, patios can be framed with wood beams or stone tiles to offer a classical feel.

2. Asian-Inspired Backyard

Asian-inspired backyards can be a beautiful and tranquil escape from everyday life. Backyard landscaping ideas for a small Asian-inspired backyard can be simple and minimalistic.

Consider adding natural elements such as stones, bonsai trees, or water features like a small fountain or pond. Consider incorporating bamboo and reducing the number of flowerbeds to simplify the backyard.

Accentuate your Asian-inspired backyard with garden decorations such as wind chimes, lanterns, pagodas, or a garden bridge. Use different hues of green and neutral colors for the furniture and planters to evoke an airy, Zen feeling.

3. Tiny Toronto Backyard

Small backyards can be tricky when it comes to landscaping. When it comes to tiny Toronto backyards, it’s important to focus your landscaping ideas on maximizing the use of the small space you have.

First, choose a color palette for your outdoor space that will help create a unified look and create a cohesive environment. Additionally, consider incorporating vertical elements like trellises, pergolas, or vertical gardens to create additional depth in the space.

To add visual interest, consider adding different shapes and sizes of plants as well as hardscaping features like pavers and raised patios to create pathways and seating areas. Lighting can also be key to creating focus and ambiance in tiny Toronto backyards.

4. Reimagined Brooklyn Brownstone

For those living in a Reimagined Brooklyn Brownstone, landscape design ideas for small backyards should take advantage of the beautiful and iconic architecture the neighborhood has to offer.

Utilizing asymmetrical outdoor furniture against the brick and stone walls will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A lush container garden with vegetables and soft blooms will fill the area with the sights and smells of summer gardens.

For a grand finale, a living wall of shrubs and evergreen trees can frame and add architectural interest to a harsh brick façade. Do this with the help of professional landscape designers.

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Small backyards will often feel overwhelming, but with the right landscaping ideas, it can become a beautiful, stress-free spaces. With the use of raised beds, greenery, and shrubs, you can easily create a beautiful oasis in your own backyard.

When you’re ready to get started, make sure to do more research into the specific plants and materials any aspiring landscaper needs to know to get started.

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