what to avoid when choosing a puppy

Furry Friends: What to Avoid When Choosing a Puppy

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When deciding to purchase a puppy, make sure that you’re aware of the right ways to choose one. There are certain red flags and mistakes to avoid. Otherwise, you might end up with a lifelong problem.

If you follow our tips on what to avoid when choosing a puppy, you’ll be able to prevent having a problem with an unwanted surprise. To best guide you, we’ll help you with what to look for and how to find the best puppy breeds.

Let’s get into it!

Make Sure the Puppy Has Good Health Records

Another thing to look out for is a puppy with high health risks or one that is prone to certain ailments. Additionally, it is important to ask the breeder or pet shop about any inherited health concerns that they may have.

In addition, verify the vaccinations and medications that the puppy has already had. Researching the breed and speaking to a veterinarian can also help make sure that the puppy is healthy before committing to it.

Avoid Designer or Fancy Breeds

For starters, these breeds usually have more health issues due to their suspected “purebred” genetics. Moreover, designer breeds may result in a higher chance of having undesirable traits and behavioral problems.

Such breeds are also costly and require more grooming, food, and vet visits. All of these factors can add up to a hefty financial burden.

Lastly, many fancy breeds have developed a reputation for being hard to train and require more commitment and understanding of their needs.

Select Very Young Puppies

An older puppy may have health issues or accidents inside the house that can be difficult to manage. A puppy that is too young can also be difficult to deal with as it may be too hard to control.

Also, be careful of those that may have been exposed to:

  • Inbreeding
  • An unhealthy environment
  • Insufficient vet care

Keep in mind that every puppy is unique and you should take time to observe their behavior and meet the breeder. Finally, make sure your puppy is chipped before bringing it home so it is protected from potential harm.

Be Aware of the Cost of Owning a Puppy

It’s always wise to be aware of the cost of adopting a dog before committing to become a pet parent. Many furry friends come with additional costs that need to be considered before bringing them home.

When choosing a puppy, avoid those with genetically inherited illnesses like joint dysplasia, as they can be financially straining. Lastly, many long-haired breeds, require weekly brushing and professional groomers for trims that can incur additional costs.

Buy a Puppy From a Reputable Seller

You need to be aware of people trying to sell puppies online without a physical address. If possible, it’s best to visit the place where the puppy was raised and meet with the breeders in person.

Also, be sure to ask what type of puppy training has been done and if socialization activities have been conducted. If you’ve been searching for the healthiest and best-looking bulldogs, check out the frenchies available at

Tips on What to Avoid When Choosing a Puppy

Knowing what to avoid when choosing a puppy will ensure that you match with the best possible furry friend for your lifestyle and family. Don’t forget to take a pass on any ill, stressed-out, and find a responsible breeder or rescue organization.

Start your puppy journey today with the right research and proper planning!

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