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Types of Tow Trucks

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Which tow truck is the right one for you?

A tow truck is a really helpful vehicle to have on hand in an emergency or regular situation. If you’re an emergency responder or automotive expert, a tow truck is essential to have in your fleet.

There are many tow truck models on the market, but common tow truck types break down into groups. Here’s a quick guide to the different types of tow trucks and everything you should know about them.

Flatbed Tow Truck

A flatbed tow truck is a tow truck that has a flatbed with no sides on it. This type of tow truck is typically used to tow cars with no trouble and can haul vehicles with minimal effort.

The flatbed makes it easier to transport vehicles that are inoperable, have sustained extreme damage, or are too large for a traditional tow truck. The flatbed also allows the tow truck driver to strap down a car for safe transport, which can be a challenging process using other types of tow trucks.

In addition, since the flatbed has no sides, it allows for a larger view of the vehicle, allowing the driver to see if there are any potential issues that must be dealt with prior to towing the car. Flatbed tow trucks are great for any size vehicle and provide a more secure form of transport for necessary vehicles.

Hook and Chain Tow Trucks

Hook and chain tow trucks are the most common form of tow truck available today. These vehicles utilize a large steel chain wrapped around the undercarriage or tires of an automobile in order to tow it away from the scene of an accident or emergency.

They are very versatile and are able to handle a wide range of vehicles, from cars and motorcycles all the way up to large buses. The chains used are typically made from heavy-duty links together with a safety chain that is used to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the driver who is behind the wheel.

The chains can be removed from the vehicle and readjusted in order to tow multiple vehicles or to negotiate tight spaces while towing a vehicle of a larger size. Hook and chain tow trucks are invaluable tools for getting an immobile vehicle back on the road or removed from a dangerous situation.

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

A Wheel-Lift Tow Truck is a type of tow truck used for light to medium-duty towing. It is capable of towing passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, and small boats. The Wheel-Lift Tow Truck has a boom and yoke that wraps around the tire of the vehicle to be relocated, with the ability to keep all four wheels lifted off the ground.

This type of tow truck features an adjustable wheel lift that allows the driver to move the vehicle backward and forwards. This tow truck also features the ability to slide the wheels left or right and tilt the angle of the tow. The Lower load angle of the Wheel-Lift Tow Truck allows for easy loading and unloading of the vehicle.

Finally, the wheel lift reduces the chance of damage to the towed vehicle as well as the vehicle towing it. Overall, the Wheel-Lift Tow Truck is a great choice for light to medium-duty towing tasks.

Boom Trucks

Boom Trucks are typically large 2-axle tow trucks that are powerful enough to move heavy machinery and commercial vehicles. They come fitted with a vertical or telescoping boom that can lift and transport a disabled vehicle over surface obstacles. Such trucks are ideal for salvage applications, especially when there’s an obstacle, such as a steep grade, in the way.

Boom trucks are an efficient way to get large trailers and trucks out of the way in a hurry. Additionally, they are powerful enough to help vehicles stuck in mud, sand, ice, or water. Boom trucks come complete with a flat-bed platform and attachable wheel lift that can be used to move disabled vehicles or to provide assistance to vehicles with mechanical problems or breakdowns.

The horizontal reach of Boom Trucks allows them to be used in many labor-intensive scenarios, and they are also extremely useful for safely towing and transporting oversized vehicles and ult heavy machinery.

Integrated Tow Trucks

Integrated Tow Trucks are a unique breed of tow trucks that are equipped with special technologies that can be used for various towing tasks. Generally, there are two main types of integrated tow trucks: truck-mounted and trailer-mounted.

Truck-mounted integrated tow trucks are equipped with multiple hydraulic arms that can be used to lift and tow vehicles that are immobilized due to mechanical or electrical failure. These trucks are typically the most powerful and can be used for heavy-duty towing tasks.

On the other hand, trailer-mounted which are integrated heavy duty tow trucks are similar to car carriers and are equipped with winches and other towing tools. They are typically used for towing lighter-weight vehicles, such as cars, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles.

Oversized Towing

Oversized towing trucks are used to tow and transport vehicles and equipment that are too large for standard-size towing trucks. All oversized towing trucks must be handled with great care, as they can require special expertise in order to complete the most difficult of towing tasks.

When choosing an oversized towing vehicle, it is important to select a reputable company with experienced technicians who have the knowledge and equipment necessary to safely transport any oversized vehicle or equipment.


Rotator is a brand name and type of tow truck, specifically a 360-degree power-rotated truck. This type of tow truck is known for its power-rotating capabilities, which allow it to rotate heavy objects or vehicles in any direction with ease.

The Rotator tow truck also features a three-stage hydraulic system, as well as an aerial lift platform for increased stability and access when recovering the load. This type of tow truck is often found in industrial settings and can be used for both light-duty and heavy-duty towing jobs.

Explore Types of Tow Trucks

Tow trucks have come a long way in terms of versatility and sophistication. There are many different kinds of tow trucks that can cater to different situations. From flatbed to wheel-lift, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.

Find the right one today and start your journey to a hassle-free ride.

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