Tips for Watering the Garden on hot Days

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If we worry about our plants, we may not be doing as well as we think so we should follow some lawn care tips. When it is very hot, watering plants badly can cause as much damage as not giving them water.

Here, some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Watering at noon burns the plants. Drops of water on the leaves work in the sun like a glass and burn them. Also, if it is watered at noon, it is possible that 90 percent of the water evaporates soon after. In the morning, on the other hand, only 25 to 30 percent of the irrigation water is lost.

How to do it well? Those who love gardening should get up very early, since the best time to water is between three and four in the morning, when the soil reaches its minimum temperature. Of course, you can also water a few hours later.

And at night;at the end of the day, the soil usually still has a high temperature, so it continues to evaporate the water. The worst is that the water takes longer to dry, which favors the growth of fungi and attracts snails.

There are also some tips that can be followed: in order for the water to drain to the lower layers of the soil and reach the roots, the soil can be removed a little after irrigation. This eliminates hollow spaces and allows water to drain to the bottom. You can also place pine needles or wood chips on the lawn to prevent water from condensing.

  1. Irrigation from top to bottom promotes diseases, since moisture in the leaves provides a good base for the spores. It is also not advisable to water from above in the case of shrubs and trees, on the one hand because it does not do them good to receive the strong and direct jet, and on the other because, in case the foliage is dense, the water will not reach the ground.

How to do it well? The best thing for plants is to receive water near the ground, that is, directly on the roots.

  1. Do not put water in the pots at one time, because that is how water is wasted. As the dry earth cannot directly absorb all the fluid, much of the water passes through the pot without being used by the plant. The best thing is that the soil in the pot is always moist, which is achieved with an automatic drip irrigation.
  2. If the soil is irrigated only superficially, the grass roots grow smooth because they look for the water above. The consequence is that the roots dry faster. Therefore, it is recommended not to water the lawn every day, but when it is done, do it in quantity.

The best: If it is dry, it is best to water the surface once or twice a week at the level of the roots. You have to calculate 10 to 15 liters of water per square meter of grass. When they are under a tree the pastures require more water since the trees absorb a large part of the liquid.

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