Don't let pests ruin your commercial property! Learn the key indicators of a pest infestation, including droppings, unusual noises, damage, and unpleasant smells. Act fast with professional pest control.

Top 4 Signs Your London Commercial Property Has a Pest Problem

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Pest problems at commercial properties are a major concern. Thankfully, there are clear lines of prevention and warning signs to help property owners take charge and combat issues before they cause insurmountable problems.

The sooner you spot the pest, the easier it is to remove it, and that is why it’s vital for commercial property owners to understand the key indicators that unwanted guests have moved in. Here are the top four signs that a pest problem is taking root, and what to do about it.

I Think I Have Pest Problems: What Can I Do?

The only option when it comes to pests, because of all the risks to your operation efficiency and reputation, is to call in a pest control London professional company to create the best path forward.

These are the experts who understand how, when, and which methods to use in order to eradicate the problem for good and will provide ongoing support until there is a resolution in place. They will tell you to keep an eye on the following red flags.


There are around six common species that are classed as pests when they make their nests within a commercial property. These are rodents (rats/mice), bats, birds, wasps, cockroaches, and ants. One thing that all of these pests have in common is, you’ve guessed it, they all leave behind fecal matter known as droppings.

These droppings will be in key areas like near the nest, or where your food is, if that is one of the reasons they moved in. Keep an eye out for any suspicious droppings and if you find some, call an expert control company immediately.

Peculiar Noises

Perhaps you have heard a persistent scurrying or a squeaking with no assigned explanation? If so, this is another warning sign that some type of pest is close by.

While some pests like bats are harder to hear because they emit sounds outside of the range of human hearing, others are quite distinctive. For instance, if you have a nest of birds somewhere in the building, you are far more likely to hear them before you see them.


Another big sign of pests is when walls, floors, roofing and beyond start to look damaged. Visible signs of wear and tear could be caused by droppings, movement, burrowing and lots of other actions too.

The last thing any commercial property owner needs is damage to the interior or exterior of a building, yet it is an inevitable consequence of pests, and therefore needs dealing with as soon as the opportunity presents.

A New Smell

Rodents and bats in particular have a distinctive, foul smell when they are nesting in your property. You can’t miss it, and you absolutely shouldn’t ignore it!

This is a combination of the food that they eat with the droppings and general smell that mass quantities of these types of species have when they are clumped together in close quarters. It won’t be pleasant for your customers, and you certainly don’t want it to linger.

If your commercial property has a pest problem, you’ll soon know about it. Don’t miss the big warning signs and take action immediately.

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