Look Out For In A Rogue Casino

Top Signs To Look Out For In A Rogue Casino

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In a world where online casinos are emerging every day, it can be difficult to differentiate rogue and real casinos. As a gambler, you can’t trust any casino that you find online. Some promise the best winnings, but in the real sense, they are after your money.

Unless you’re careful, you might not notice the difference. In most cases, you require some experience to identify a rogue casino.

However, in this article, we’ll share with you some of the signs you should look for when choosing an online casino. These are signs that differentiate between genuine and rogue casinos.

  1. Bad Software

It all begins with the software they’re using for their gaming. A rogue casino will have complex software that you users can’t easily navigate. Other time you will notice serious problems such as downtime, hanging, or restricting logins altogether.

So, before you join any casino, check their software. Register for a free account and test how their software works.

Go an extra mile and check other customers’ review. See what people are saying on their forums. Find out the reports people are giving about the software.

If you find many people reporting software related issues, then stay away from the daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya .

  1. False Advertising

One way rogue casinos get new user is by giving false advertising information. That’s why it’s essential to do a fact check of the advertisements that the casinos are giving.

Do they promise bonuses that they don’t actually give?

Most of this information you will get it from customer reviews. Check people reporting that they were misled by the advertisement only to find things were different.

  1. Slow Payout

Some casinos take forever to process payments. After your winnings, they take you round procedures. They make withdrawals and payouts a tedious process.

Once you notice such a problem with a casino that you’re playing with, then you shouldn’t continue being with them.

Such casinos are frustrating their users so that they can leave their earnings with them.

  1. No Payments

It has been reported that there are casinos that emerge great promising winnings. You win a lot of money on their systems. But when it comes to withdrawal, you face issues.

Some of these casinos never process money eventually.

So, if you see reviews of other users reporting such a problem, then stay away. Know that it’s not worth investing your money on such casinos.

  1. Funds Disappearing

Every rogue casino is after your money. Another sign that you can know you’re dealing with a rogue casino is when you log in and find your winnings are not there. Sometimes the money could disappear and re-appear again. If you notice such a thing with any w88live, then you should stay away from them.


In most cases, the only way you’ll identify these signs is if you take time and do your research. You won’t see these signs by just looking at the website. Instead, dig deeper. Register for a free account, check what people are saying on the casino forums, and most importantly look for honest casino reviews.

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