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Save The World And Some Money By Switching Away From Gas

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Things are changing. Old King Petroleum is slowly, and stubbornly, resisting being dethroned by eco-friendly green power sources. We are seeing more electric vehicles on the streets, more windmills on the hills, and more solar panels on the roofs, it’s the beginning of a real sea change in how we power our modern lives. It’s also happening in our very own homes!

Your house might currently have a combination of gas heating, hot water, and gas cooking. Not only is green-sourced electricity more attractive to forward-thinking people, it can save you a lot of money too, as gas prices continue to soar. Switching those three critical household functions way from gas to electricity allows you to say goodbye to outrageous gas bills forever!

Gas-powered water heaters are one of the biggest energy and money sinks in your home. You take a shower or two every day, wash the dishes, and do the laundry regularly throughout the week, it adds up, and it adds up fast!

Switching out your old gas-sucking closet monster water heater for a brand-new eco-friendly electric model is an investment that will save you tons of money in the future. When it’s time to make the switch you will want expert help so just call the friendly plumbers in Mornington Peninsula, VIC who are highly experienced in not just water flow, but the flow of home gas as well.

One of the great new options available is a solar thermal hot water system that pumps water through flat plates or evacuated tubes up on your roof, which allows the sun to heat the water directly before it is stored in a tank, either on the roof or on the ground.

These solar systems can be a bit expensive to purchase and install, but again, in the long run, they will pay for themselves when compared to what you would have shelled out for gas, plus you will never again have to check to see if the pilot light has gone out, a task everyone dreads, just admit it!

To make the solar thermal system work properly your roof will need plenty of direct sun, and the system will require an electric element boost to keep the temperature up on cloudy or short winter days. In colder climates, evacuated tubes and closed circuit systems with frost protection are the most effective. Be sure your setup features a fitted mixing valve to limit the maximum water temperature delivered to your taps.

Another option is an instantaneous hot water system that uses electricity only when needed. The water is heated right as you use it! Because they have no tank, they are perfect for places where space is limited, such as in apartments. This is also a great way to save water which is more important now in Australia than ever!

Switching to green sustainable electric power sources is always the right answer, so get off the gas, save the world, and save some money, too!

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