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How to Fix a Cloudy Window

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Old windows are one of the most significant causes of heat and cooling loss in your home, and there are clear signs to look for if you fear that your windows are no longer getting the job done. Over 25 percent of your home’s heating and cooling energy use is wasted, and a cloudy window is a clear sign that you need window treatment.

The most common windows that face this issue are double and triple-paned windows. These windows are designed to provide better insulation and energy efficiency, but they have a weakness. Your foggy window results from trapped moisture between the panes, a royal pain for homeowners.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this helpful guide to the steps you should take to fix your foggy window and enjoy clear views again. Continue reading to conserve energy and spruce your windows up today!

Window Treatment for Fogged Windows

Foggy windows occur when the seal deteriorates, which helps the gas in the panes escape. Moisture in the air that enters the window condenses, causing the fog you can’t get rid of inside your window. It takes away from your home’s appearance and limits your energy efficiency.

The fogginess comes and goes based on the season and weather conditions. Still, there are ways to eliminate it for good. Here’s a look at the steps to enjoy clear windows again.

Drill Holes

The first step entails drilling holes in the windows to eliminate the moisture between the panes. Drilling two holes during this process’s a good rule of thumb. Give the window a few days to expel the water and clean the window from the inside out.

Use Anti-Fog Solution

After moisture escapes your window panes, applying an anti-fog solution to your foggy window is wise. The solution gets applied to the window’s interior to remove any remaining moisture and stains that detract from your window’s clarity. You can visit to find the best solutions to prevent foggy windows.

Apply Liquid Sealant

The next step involves applying a liquid sealant to your home’s windows. The sealant covers the holes you drilled earlier in the process, preventing energy loss. Keep some holes open to allow the window to vent any moisture that collects.

Add Vents

Vents are vital for clear windows if you’re tired of that cloudy window in your home. Install the vents after all the moisture disappears from your window panes. You’ll have a much easier time dispelling moisture and air between the window panes.

Fix Your Cloudy Window Today

Curb appeal is everything as a homeowner; one cloudy window is all it takes to ruin a perfect home. You can fix the cloudy window with custom blinds and window treatment to expel the moisture between the panes. Leave a vent to allow air to flow out of the window after using an anti-fog solution to clear the window.

The responsibilities of a homeowner can get heavy, but the best tips and advice will keep you on track. Check out more of our Hom and Real Estate blog content to build your dream home today!

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