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The Truth Behind Dobermans With Floppy Ears

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Dobermans With Floppy Ears?

Dobermans are popular for beautiful look.

This breed known for their erect and cropped ears.

In this article we will discuss on Dobermans floppy ears.

Maybe people not knowing that some Dobermans are born with Floppy ears due to a recessive gene.

How the Doberman Ears looks when they born?

Doberman puppy ears are looking very gorgeous as they are floppy, wide, and long. Their ears are very soft and silky, and from inside they are pink and very smooth.

When this dog is mature pink color will darken and grown soft layer of hair inside the ears.

Dobermans ear cropping

There is medical procedure performed called otoplasty, ear cropping on Dobermans to get the erect ears. This surgery removes a part of floppy ears and erect them.

The owner can choose from different ear cropping styles as they wish how their dog will look.

These elective surgeries performing on Doberman puppies age of between 8 to 12 weeks by veterinarians. In this age span because the ears are soft and delicate and it can heal quickly.

Why Crop Doberman Ears?

There are many reasons behind cropping of Dobermans ears.

There are several reasons why Doberman ears are cropped. In some breeds such as Doberman Pinschers and Boxers, puppy ear cropping was considered an important attribute for a protection dog in the belief that cropped ears improve the dog’s hearing and make it harder for an assailant to grab hold of the dog.

Another reason is that in a Doberman, uncropped ears are often perceived to give a gentler, less aggressive appearance, so clipping dogs ears may also be part of an attempt to enhance the Doberman’s reputation for being fearless and fierce.

Controversies Surrounding Ear Cropping

Despite its popularity, ear cropping is highly controversial3. Many veterinary experts, dog owners, and animal advocates say that this kind of surgery is not ethical3. If you’re considering having this surgical procedure for your Doberman, it’s important to know the history, risks, and laws regarding ear cropping to make an informed decision for your dog3.

In conclusion, while the erect ears of a Doberman are a defining feature of the breed, it’s important to remember that these dogs are naturally born with floppy ears. Whether or not to crop a Doberman’s ears is a decision that should be made with careful consideration of the potential risks and benefits.

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