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5 Common Drain Cleaning Errors and How to Avoid Them

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Keeping your drains clean and unclogged is important. This helps maintain a healthy plumbing system in your home. However, there are common drain-cleaning errors that can lead to more problems.

In this blog, we will discuss mistakes to avoid when cleaning drains and provide you with practical tips on how to prevent them. So, read on!

1. Misusing Chemical Drain Cleaners

One mistake to avoid is using chemical drain cleaners incorrectly. These drain cleaning supplies often contain strong chemicals that can harm your pipes if used too much or in the wrong way. It’s important to read and follow the instructions carefully and avoid mixing different cleaners, as this can cause harmful reactions.

Instead of relying only on chemical drain cleaners, consider using safer alternatives. For small clogs, try using natural remedies like baking soda and vinegar or a plunger to remove the blockage.

2. Incorrect Plunging

Using the wrong plunging technique can make drain blockages worse or damage your plumbing system. Many people plunge forcefully and quickly without creating a good seal, which is ineffective and can cause more serious issues.

To plunge correctly, start by creating a tight seal around the drain with the plunger. Use slow and steady plunging motions to create suction and dislodge the clog. Avoid using too much force, as this can harm the pipes.

Alternatively, consider using methods like high velocity water jetting. It is a highly effective technique and utilizes a powerful stream of water to dislodge and flush away stubborn clogs.

3. Poking Into the Drain

Poking objects or tools into the drain to remove a clog is a common mistake that can damage the pipes or cause a more severe blockage. Sharp objects or improper tools can scratch or break the pipes, leading to leaks or the need for expensive repairs.

Instead of poking into the drain, try using a drain snake or auger specifically designed for drain cleaning. These tools are flexible and won’t harm the pipes while effectively removing blockages. If you’re unsure how to use these tools, it’s best to consult a professional plumber.

4. Neglecting Regular Drain Maintenance

Neglecting regular drain inspections and maintenance is a mistake that can result in frequent clogs and costly repairs. Over time, debris, grease, and mineral deposits can build up in the pipes, causing blockages and hindering proper drainage.

To prevent this, establish a routine for regular drain maintenance. Use natural cleaning solutions like baking soda and vinegar or enzymatic drain cleaners to keep the drains clean.

Additionally, consider using drain strainers or screens to catch debris and prevent it from entering the drains. Regular maintenance will help maintain the efficiency of your drains and prevent major clogs.

5. Overlooking the Importance of Professional Help

Trying to solve these problems without professional assistance can lead to further damage and expensive repairs. If you encounter complex drain issues or repeated clogs, it’s important to seek the help of a professional plumber.

They have the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to identify and address the underlying causes of the problem effectively.

Avoiding the Common Drain Cleaning Errors

Avoiding these common drain cleaning errors is crucial for maintaining a healthy plumbing system in your home. Remember, when in doubt, it’s always best to consult a professional plumber. They can provide expert guidance and assistance.

So, keep your drains clean and free from problems for a smoothly flowing plumbing system!

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