Upper Bounce Vs. Skywalker Trampoline

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Trampolines are a fun way to exercise and are commonly found among kids who jump on them for fun. However, they are not only limited to kids, as adults can also take advantage of them and enjoy the many benefits attached. In this fast-paced world where everyone is caught up with one activity or the other, working out could be a dreaded chore. And ignoring exercise could eventually have a toll on your health, considering that the world is fast embracing the sedentary lifestyle. To avoid the implications from not being physically active, it’s best to exercise and what better fun way to do that than jump on trampolines at your convenience?

Upper Bounce Trampoline that people like has many benefits. With a trampoline, you can enjoy a low impact exercise and healthy body movement.

Some of the benefits of trampoline exercise include:

It is a fun way to lose weight
It helps to detoxify and cleanse the body
It increases lymphatic flow in the body
It strengthens the skeletal system and increases bone mass
It helps reduce cellulite
It helps prevent and eliminate cancer
It effectively exercises the body without pressure on the feet and legs
It helps reduce body fat and increase muscle to fat ratio
It improves the cardiovascular system
It reduces fatigue and menstrual discomfort in women

Trampolines may look similar, but they differ in many ways, as they come in different sizes and shapes and serve different purposes. Trampolines can be categorized into:

  1. The Rebounder Trampolines

This is the smallest type used indoors by a single person. They can be easily hidden in a closet or under the bed, and they work perfectly for people who do not have much space but would still love a trampoline.

  1. Olympic/Professional Trampolines

This cannot be compared to any other model, as they are used only for professional purposes. With this type of trampoline, athletes get maximum performance with a surge of power. They are also the most expensive and used explicitly by trained individuals only.

  1. Recreational Backyard Trampolines

This has been popular for decades but has improved in recent years due to technology advancement. The quality of the materials used is important, and the specifications of each brand should be put into consideration when buying one. This can be further categorized into rectangular, circular, and vuly classic trampolines.
Examples of brands that deal with Recreational Backyard Trampolines include Upper Bounce and Skywalker Trampolines.

Upper Bounce Trampolines

Upper Bounce Trampolines deal with trampoline parts from all major brands and they ensure they meet the specs of each brand. Upper Bounce is particular about the quality of the raw materials used while manufacturing their trampolines. With this, you can be certain of your safety as a customer and the durability of the product. No one wants a trampoline that would pack up soon after it was bought, which is why Upper Bounce puts much effort into making their trampolines last year after year by making use of high-quality materials.


  • They are of high quality
  • They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes
  • They come with accessories like screens and ladders to help enhance your safety and also help you have a great experience with the trampoline.
  • They have an excellent customer service and will respond to you promptly
  • The trampolines are easy to install
  • They have thick mats and heavy frames, which contribute to the durability


  • It is quite big and heavy, which makes it hard to flip it over
  • The directions for the assembly process are entirely unclear, and it will likely take you a while to get it, after which the assembly shouldn’t take you so long.
  • The net clips are not so firm, which can give you a little trouble, as you may have to fix it constantly.

Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker Trampolines is also a popular trampoline brand that boasts of manufacturing safe and durable trampolines. Their plan when starting was to reintroduce trampolines in a different way, and this led to making safer, better designed and more enjoyable trampolines. Due to most trampoline-related injuries linked to kids falling off while jumping on the trampoline, Skywalker decided to make trampolines with enclosure nets, becoming the first company to do that. To take that a step further, they figured out how to attach the enclosure net to the trampoline to make it easier to assemble and even safer. In addition to that, they used T-sockets at every connection to stabilize the connection poles. One of their missions is also to bring families together via the use of trampolines. Hence, they attached games to make it more fun.


  • They come with enclosure nets
  • They are focused on building safer and more durable trampolines
  • Games like basketball hoops, volleyball nets, bounce back games, double toss games, volleyball nets, and football games can be enjoyed in the trampoline, as Skywalker trampolines have been designed for them.
  • In addition to the games, there are other core accessories like lights, enclosures, and elastics with balls.
  • Their core goal is safety and to keep the joy of childhood alive


  • Due to the accessories involved, it has a lengthy assembly process, which could be frustrating. You will need the help of an additional person, and it could still take you up to 3 hours to finally set it up.
  • They don’t have many parts clearly labeled, and you will have to sort them out eventually. Doing this can make the assembly process even longer.
  • The safety net is readily attached to the mat, so you will have to take extra precaution to ensure that the net aligns with the holders and the trampoline aligns with the oval structure.
  • It has a low weight capacity of 170lbs, making it not a great option for adults.Not all trampolines are created equal, so you will have to look properly into the specs of each trampoline to decide what is best for you. Several factors like the size, shape, and durability of a trampoline could determine if it is the best for you. Your weight and the number of people you are looking to have in your trampoline all at once could also be a factor. You could also consider the accessories that come with the trampolines, if they would be of great help, and also how convenient it is to set up and pack up. Finally, always keep your intended purpose in mind when purchasing one.

    Put everything into consideration and go for what suits you that will give you value for your money.

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