Drooping Brows

Give Drooping Brows The Lift They Need

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As we age, eyebrows start to head south. Genetics, sun damage, and gravity tug brows downward. Heavy eyelids follow, overshadowing the eyes. If your once lively eyes now peer out under a canopy of drooping brows, brow lifting (ผ่าตัด ยก คิ้ว, which is the term in Thai) could be the ideal solution.

What Causes Drooping Eyebrows?

With youth, the forehead and brow area are smooth, tight, and arched. As skin loses elasticity over time, brows sink. Muscles stretch. Fat pads shrink. The brows descend while the forehead skin sags. Sun exposure worsens wrinkles and creases. Soon, eyebrows shade the eyes. 

Eyebrow Lift Surgery Targets The Root Cause

An eyebrow lift surgery directly targets drooping brows. Also called a forehead lift, it smooths creased foreheads, lifts sagging eyebrows, and reveals refreshed eyes. This can be done with traditional incisions or endoscopically.

With a traditional eyebrow lift, the plastic surgeon makes an incision at the hairline. The forehead skin is lifted, excess tissue removed, and the remaining skin tightened. Muscles may be repositioned and the underlying fatty tissue sculpted.

Endoscopic eyebrow lifts involve small incisions behind the hairline. A camera scope and surgical instruments make their way beneath the skin. The surgeon views their work on a monitor. The brow is restructured internally with no outward scars.

Both approaches lift the eyebrows, eliminate horizontal creases, smooth lines, and crow’s feet near the eyes, and lift drooping eyelids for a refreshed wide-awake appearance.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

If your eyebrows have migrated south, leaving you looking tired, angry, or sad even when you feel bright and cheerful inside, a brow lift may be for you. Good candidates have:

  • Visible wrinkles across the forehead and between the brows
  • Sagging eyebrow arches and skin
  • Fatigue, “angry,” or sad appearance due to low brows
  • Vision obscuration from drooping upper eyelids

Say Goodbye To Droopy Brows

As eyebrows descend, they conceal the eyes and give off an aging, sad, angry, or tired vibe. An eyebrow lift remedies droopy brows at the source. Sagging skin and muscles get tightened and anchored in a more youthful, alert position, fully unveiling the eyes.

If your eyebrows are diving, overshadowing your vibrant eyes, consider an eyebrow lift. This targeted approach lifts the brows for good. No more hooded eyes, just refreshed, sparkling eyes fully visible to shine through.

Learn options from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Give your mood and energy a visible “lift” with eyebrow lift surgery. Bring your eyebrows, lids, and attitude up where they belong so your bright eyes shine through.

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