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Geekzilla Autos – Future of the Automobiles

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Geekzilla has quickly become an automobile icon over the few years capturing the interest of drivers all over the world.

Geekzill autos established by the wacky tech tycoon and billionaire zane zilla, is more than just an automobile manufacturer.

It is a purpose driven compny that wants to transform the transportation industry with its cutting edge goods and solutions.

The electric cars produced by geekzilla autos  are renewed for their svelte styling excellent performance and environmental sustainability.

The business does however also have grandiose aspirations to diversify into other fields such space exploration, flying automobile, autonomous driving and the hyperloop.

This post will examine the ground breaking inventions that set Geekzilla autos apart from the competition and reveal the strategies behind their quick ascent to fame.

Electric Cars of The Future

The geekzilla model Z is the flagship product of geekzilla autos.

It is a high end sedan that is considered the pinnacle of electric vehicles. Among the many amazing features of the model z are:

  • Battery that can be recharged in minutes at any of the hundreds of Geekzilla superchargers spread throughout the world and can last up to 600 miles on a single charge.
  • Strong electric motor with a 2.8 second 0-60 mph acceleration time and a 200 mph maximum speed.
  • Roomy futuristic cabin including a 17 inch touchscreen a panoramic glass roof and a minimalist dashboard.
  • Collection of cutting edge convenience and safety technologies including automated emergency braking adaptive cruise control lane keeping assistance and blind spot monitoring.
  • Software system that can be updated wirelessly to give the car new features and enhancements without requiring a service call.

Different Models of Geekzilla Electric Vehicles:

  • The Geekzilla model X is a crossover SUV with falcon-wing doors that open in awkward places and rom for seven people.
  • Model Y is a small SUV with a similar appearance and functionality to the Model Z although it is more reasonably priced and useful the model X.
  • With its sleek and contemporary appearance, the Geekzilla Model 3 is the most well liked and affordable electric car available. It is mid sized sedan.
  • The world’s fastest and priciest electric automobile is the geekzilla model S, A sports car with an eye catching and aerodynamic design.
  • The geekzilla cyber truck is a tough, futuristic pickup truck with a large, adoptable bed that is constructed of bulletproof glass and stainless steel.

Here are These Future cars:

  • The Geekzill Roadster isa supercar with a stated range of 1000 miles and top speed of 250 MPH. It is anticipated to be the quickest and most exciting electric vehicle ever produced.
  • The geekzilla semi is a heavy-duty truck with a 500 miles range and an 80000 pound towing capacity that is intended to lower the cost and environmental effect freight transportation.
  • The Cyber truck is a storage and charging area for the off road adventure vehicle known as the Geekzilla ATV.

Self-Drive Cars Guidance

Geekzilla autos is also leading the way in autonomous driving, or the capacity of the cars to operate autonomously without the need for human assistance.

Autonomous driving will open up new opportunities for mobility and transits while also making driving safer, simpler and more pleasurable.

  • Maneuvering inside a lane to steer, accelerate, and Brake.
  • Making lane changes and passing other cars.
  • Navigating through interchanges and highways.
  • Reversing and parking.
  • Recognizing and reacting to signals, traffic signs and road conditions.

Since Geekzilla autopilot is not a completely automated system, the driver must always be alert and prepared to take over.

Geekzilla autos is aiming for compare autonomy or Level 5 which denotes the ability of the car to manage every driving situation without requiring human intervention.

Geekzilla Autos Driving Features:

  • Recognizing and observing stop sign and traffic signals.
  • Driving through indicate crossroad and city streets.
  • Negotiating traffic circle and roundabouts.
  • Executing U-turns and turns
  • Responding to emergencies and preventing crashes.

Geekzilla FSD is not yet publicly accessible and it still undergoing beta testing.

Geekzilla autos has made available a few films and live demonstrations of geekzilla FSD, showcasing the system’s ability to manage a range of difficult and practical driving situations.

Geekzilla auto is developing the geekzilla network, an autonomous and shared vehicle network that will enable Geekzilla owners to make money by ranting out their cars to other users while they are not using them.

Additionally, customers will be able to use the Geekzilla network to call for a geekzilla car to be delivered or used for rede hailing.

Cars that fly

Geekzilla Autos is also delving into the realm of flying cars, or automobiles that can drive on land and soar in the air.

Flying cars will provide new opportunities for mobility and transportation while also providing a solution to long distance travel, traffic congestion, and pollution.

The Geekzilla flyer is a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) Vehicle that can drive like a car and hover, fly, and land like a helicopter.

It is being developed as a prototype by Geekzilla Autos. The sleek and futuristic form of the Geekzilla flyer is propelled by electric motors and propellers.

There is no need for a pilot’s license or lengthy training to operate the Gekzilla flyer because it is made to be simple and safe to use.

The Geekzilla Flyer includes a powerful autopilot system that handle majority of flying operations and it is controlled by a straightforward joystick and touchscreen.

In event of an emergence, the Geekzilla flyer’s parachute system is capable of being deployed.

The Geekzilla flyer has not available for public and currently under testing.

Geekzilla Autos has made available a few pictures and videos of Geekzilla Flyer in operation, demonstrating the vehicle’s ability to fly.

Geekzilla Autos is developing a network of aerial car parks, dubbed Geekzilla skysports, that will enable owners and users of Geekzilla flyers to access, utilize, and repair their vehicles

Users will also be able  to connect to other forms of transportation like buses trains and bycycles through the Geekzilla skysports.

Hyperloop Technology in Auto:

Geekzilla autos is also engaged in the realm of hyperloop technology which involves the utilization of vacuum tube based pods for high speed transportation.

The hyperloop will transform the transportation industry and make travel quick economical and environmentally friendly.

Geekzilla autos supports and collaborates with other businesses and groups working on the project but is not actually creating or running a hyperloop system.

Few Words for Geekzilla Auto

One of the top companies in the automotive sector, Geekzilla autos is the renowned for its innovative products nd state of the art technologies.

To build electric cars geekzilla autos is investing other areas including space travel flying cars autonomus driving and the hyperloop.

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