A to Z of stone wall tiles

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Moving in to a new house? Or revamping your old den?

Doing up your house is a tedious task. But it is an also beautiful journey. Brick by brick, tiles by tiles, you put in a lot of hard work, ideas, time and dreams into it. Indeed, a lot goes into building your own house.

A home’s aesthetic beauty and opulence depends on the décor and furnishing you decide on. Be it walls, flooring, furniture and the over all look and feel of the house, everything depends on the design elements. And that is why it is so important to pay attention every minute detail and element that goes in doing up your house/ office.

One of the most important elements of the house are the walls. A rage these days, is doing up your house using stone wall tiles.

These stone wall tiles are made from a number of stones and has lot of finishes and types to offer.

Before you choose the type of wall tiles your architect or builder suggests, do educate yourselves about some of the most beautiful stone wall tiles and its different kinds. The beauty of an informed choice is that it is always supported by knowledge and facts. Choose for yourselves so that your creative decisions are taken by no one else but you. Suggestions always help, but it must be you driving your home set-up and décor decisions. Your home, your choices.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular types of stone wall tiles:

● Limestone: This is the most popular stone used for wall tiles. It is most commonly used in bathrooms, foyers and living areas. However, it is prone to discoloration from staining, hence you may choose to avoid putting them on your kitchen walls

● Marble: This is a favourite of most. Marble belongs to the limestone family and adds pristine and royal look to your house. Marbles are again available in different types depending on the colour, finishing and its veining patterns.

● Granite: This is most apt tiles for your kitchen walls. Granite is resistant to most scratches. Moreover, kitchen walls are susceptible to oil stains. Granite is a stone which is easily washable as it is not easily damaged and discoloured by cleaning ingredients like citrus juices and sodas.

● Travertine: This stone has a very old-world appeal and charm to it and gives a very unique and pastoral look. It is most commonly used for bathroom floors and walls. A word of caution: as a stone wall tile, it is highly prone to stains and hence you must protect by using a sealer on the tiles.

● Quartzite: This stone has a natural texture of being grainy. It is similar to Sandstone in appearance. Quartzite is a perfect choice for outdoor flooring and wall tiles, especially areas which are exposed to water.

There are different types of stone finishes that are available in the market. Some are polished, honed and filled. While others maybe chipped, brushed or tumbled. Choose accordingly.

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