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A Frugal Foodie’s Guide to Cheap Meal Ideas

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Are you thinking of a great meal without spending too much? As crazy as it sounds, it’s possible with the right tips!

Not every meal requires you to spend hundreds to thousands on ingredients. Sometimes, it’s about knowing how to make combinations work or finding excellent alternatives for expensive components.

If you want to get started with some cheap meal ideas, here’s the perfect guide! Here are some recipes you can try out for family and friends.

Teriyaki Chicken

If you want a dinner meal that works for kids and adults alike, try out teriyaki chicken in a slow cooker. The ingredients are also simple. All you need are chicken parts, boned or boneless, and homemade or store-bought teriyaki sauce.

If you want to make it yourself, you need sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger, pepper, and cornstarch. Mix it all up with water and there you have it!

Easy Lasagna

One of the best easy cheap meal ideas is pasta. That’s because they come in forms you can bake instead of boil. You can work with a bag of baked ravioli, pasta sauce, and two types of cheese, like mozzarella and parmesan.

Set them in layers on a pan and put them in the oven to make. You’ll come out with a meal that will surely fill you up.

Chicken Baked Potatoes

If you want cheap meal prep ideas using potatoes, the key is to bake them! One recipe to try is chicken baked potatoes. All you need are your potatoes, cooked chicken, sour cream, butter, cheese, and your chosen seasoning. Cut up the potatoes and fork in portions of each ingredient.

When you’re done, set them on a pan and bake them.

Cheeseburger Pasta

You can also try cheap and easy meal prep ideas combining two different dishes, like a burger and pasta. For this recipe, you only need pasta shells or similar styles, ground beef, tomato soup, and cheese.

Cook the pasta and season the beef before placing it in a skillet, starting with the meat. Add the rest of the ingredients and bake them in the oven. You can also top it off with more cheese if you’d like.

Pizza on a Stick

Pizza on a stick is a recipe many people wouldn’t think is possible, but it is! All you need are the ingredients for pizza but instead of putting in a large flat surface, you skewer them onto the sticks. It’s a fun treat for kids and a unique dish to try during a family night.

Veggie Beef Skillet

If you want healthier ideas for cheap meals, you can try a veggie beef skillet. Season the beef well and place it in a skillet then mix in a variety of vegetables to add to its color and flavor. Bake it and it’s ready to eat!

You even can get food for less here if you want to add more ingredients.

Try Out These Cheap Meal Ideas Today!

There are lots of cheap meal ideas to try if you know where to look. They are just as good as food with more expensive ingredients.

So what do you think? Check out our blog to learn more!

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