6 Considerations When Hiring A New Residential Plumber

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Every homeowner will find themselves in a situation where they need to hire a plumber, hence the need to have contact with a reputable and trustworthy one. Given the number of available plumbers for hire, this seems quite simple to do. But remember, with something as important as your home’s plumbing, you shouldn’t be taking any chances as to your chosen residential plumber. Screening them very thoroughly is crucial to hire a plumber who doesn’t only know what they’re doing but can do the job efficiently and safely as well. 

Plumbing issues aren’t to be neglected, as even the smallest ones can quickly escalate into bigger and potentially-irreparable ones if left unattended. And, when that happens, you have no choice but to face a hefty bill and days of uncomfortable situations at home with faulty plumbing. 

If you’re still unsure how to narrow your options, this list has covered you. Here, you’ll have a list of the most important factors when hiring a new residential plumber. 

  • Social Media Or Internet Presence 

Nowadays, presence on the Internet or social media networks is often one of the best validities needed to confirm that an individual, company, or professional service provider exists. Even tradesmen go above and beyond promoting their skills on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. So, to start your search, hopping over to the Internet is a good idea. 

While not necessarily required to have one, comparing and reviewing the profiles of each residential plumber you’re looking to hire works to your advantage. Through their social accounts, you’ll have insights about their credentials and other important factors like feedback and comments from previous clients. 

  • License, Permits, And Certifications 

If your state requires tradesmen like plumbers to comply with specific licensing requirements before practicing, consider hiring only licensed plumbers. Don’t even entertain those that don’t have one. The same holds for permits and certifications, as those indicate proper training and skills. 

When a plumber has all the needed licenses, permits, and certifications, you can ensure you’re with a good one. Sketchy and questionable plumbers won’t pass through the process of completing the needed license, nor would they even take the extra steps to train more and have more certifications. 

  • Years Of Experience 

Even if everyone starts somewhere, the last thing you’d want in your home is to make the plumbing issue more problematic or jeopardize your home’s condition in the long run. For now, it’s better to opt for a plumber with more years of experience. The longer the residential plumber has worked, the more homes they’ve already dealt with. That means they’ve got a lot of practice in their belt.  

Experience is crucial as it’s one of the only ways to confirm that the plumber has mastered everything there is to know about plumbing issues. They’re not testing their skills or practicing in your home. The guarantee of a better outcome with your plumbing issue is significantly higher. 

  • Price 

Before deciding who to hire, always ask for price quotes. Some are more expensive than others, but the price doesn’t always indicate quality. You still have to do your part by comparing the quotes by weighing them based on the plumber’s reputation, years of experience, and quote inclusions. 

This step is vital to double-check that you aren’t charged any more than what is appropriate for the services you need. 

  • Referrals 

The fact that a specific residential plumber is highly referred to is a good thing. The more referrals, the better. This means that so many previous clients are satisfied with the services they’ve received from that particular plumber. 

Ask around from your colleagues, friends, and even relatives for any plumber they can recommend. If you live in a small area, surely there will be familiar names. Take note of who those are, so you can also start your comparisons from those names. 

  • Insurance 

Lastly, a good plumber is also one with insurance coverage. You never know what accidents they’ll face while working in your home. Having insurance coverage works as that layer of protection, so you won’t have to shoulder out-of-pocket costs for those accidents.  

Apart from the plumber being insured, it’s another plus if they also have insurance for any damages that can occur to your property while the plumbing work is done. Especially if the range of plumbing work is quite extensive, it gives an added peace of mind when you won’t have to pay for the repairs to other surrounding areas of your home that may have been damaged. 

The Bottomline 

Plumbing issues often arise when you least expect them to. And, when you’re faced with this, the last thing you’d want is to spend so much time finding and researching new plumbers. It’s to your advantage to already have the contact information of a residential plumber you can count on. If you’re still looking for one, consider the points explained above. After ticking each one off your checklist, you’re guaranteed to come up with no less than the best residential plumber in your area.

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