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5 Reasons Why Metal Braces Might Still Be a Good Choice

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Do you have slanted or irregularly aligned teeth? Are you feeling insecure about the imperfection of your white pearls? Do you want to do something about them?

Well, metal braces were made to fix teeth straightening and other common oral problems. As you can imagine, though, the new fad of Invisalign and plastic braces is making metal braces less popular.

While they do lack the sleek and clean appearance of Invisalign, metal braces still have their uses and work just as effectively. In fact, here are some of the reasons why metal braces may still be a good choice:

1. Affordability

Metal braces are still a great solution for those who cannot afford expensive alternatives. This is even though there are now many modern options in the market. Metal braces are usually less expensive than other types.

The affordability of metal braces means more people have access to dental care and treatments. Without metal braces, they might not otherwise be able to afford any treatment.

The materials used are also typically very durable. This durability makes it possible to wear the braces for a longer period.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Maintenance of metal braces is as easy as brushing and flossing your teeth like you normally would. And it only requires regularly seeing the orthodontist to ensure the braces are properly adjusted.

3. They Are Not Abrasive to the Teeth and Gums

Modern metal braces use high-quality stainless steel brackets that are not bulky. These are designed to cause minimal irritation to the teeth and gums.

Furthermore, metal braces are often paired with special orthodontic wires and elastic bands to create a custom fit for the teeth. This makes metal braces a more comfortable option for most patients. And it reduces the risk of the gums becoming irritated.

4. They Are Not Reliant on Patient Compliance

By far, one of the main advantages of metal braces is that they are not reliant on patient compliance. Unlike Invisalign, the patient does not need to wear the aligner trays for a minimum amount of time each day.

With metal braces, once they are placed on the teeth, they stay in place. They are not removable and do not require constant patient adherence to ensure successful treatment.

5. They Have Flexible Treatment Options

In recent times, you’ll find that metal braces are now smaller and better. They now feature a new design that allows them to conform better to the contours of your teeth. They are also more precise for repositioning teeth, which is why orthodontists prefer metal braces for complex cases. If you want to learn more, it’s best if you can visit these orthodontists.

Enhance Your Smile With Metal Braces!

Metal braces may seem outdated, but they are still a great choice for people who need dental work. They are often more affordable, require less maintenance, and are less invasive than modern treatments. Furthermore, metal braces result in faster results and are ideal for more complex alignments.

So if you need dental correction, consider metal braces. They are a tried-and-true solution that is still a viable option. Contact your orthodontist today to determine if metal braces are the right choice for you.

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