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How to Stay Protected From Dangerous Wildfire Smoke

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Did you know that one home structure fire is reported every 93 seconds?

In an era of unprecedented wildfire damage, we all are more concerned than ever about our safety. And the first question on your mind right now might be, “is the smoke from the wildfires near me dangerous?”

Even the slightest effects of smoke from a fire can be dangerous to our health. With that, it helps to learn some tips about how to stay safe during a wildfire smoke attack.

Use Fire Mask

Staying protected is essential if you live in an area more vulnerable to dangerous wildfire smoke. A face mask is one of the most effective ways of doing so.

These masks are designed to filter out at least 95% of air particulates, so the smoke produced from a wildfire is filtered out. It is important to make sure you are checking the filters on the mask regularly.

They should be changed whenever they appear dirty or damaged. As a precautionary measure, keeping a few spare mask filters in case of an emergency would also be beneficial.

Always Clean the HVAC System

Keeping your HVAC system clean is one way to stay protected from dangerous wildfire smoke. This includes regularly changing all filters and using a good quality air filter. This will help reduce the particles from the smoke that gets into your home and trap them in the filter before they can enter your living space.

Check your unit’s filter to ensure it’s not clogged with dirt and debris, and ensure all vents and fans operate properly. Additionally, you should consider investing in an air purification system to help reduce air contaminants and improve the air quality even more. It is important to ask for duct cleaning services to help clean your HVAC system.

Seek Shelter

Most importantly, seek shelter indoors in a safe place with proper air circulation. Make sure to close all doors and windows. Use a filtering system such as an air purifier or air filter, and avoid using fans that blow air into the house from outside.

Avoid strenuous outdoor activity when smoke levels are high. Be sure to stick to areas with the least smoke when outside. When indoors, limit the use of vacuums, wood-burning stoves, and other activities that can stir up indoor particles and cause further contamination. Monitoring local wildfire activity and paying extra attention when the wind shifts and smoke levels increase is important.

Getting Ready in Wildfire Smoke

Protecting yourself from the hazardous effects of wildfire smoke is possible if you know the risks and take the necessary steps to stay safe. Wear a mask to keep smoke particles out of your lungs, and stay inside where possible. You can protect yourself and your family e from dangerous wildfire smoke with proper caution and awareness.

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