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What’s the Best Age for Your Child to Get Braces?

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Does your child have an imperfect smile? Are you wondering whether or not you should get braces for your child?

Many children develop tooth irregularities as they grow. Sometimes these are noticeable by their parents or their peers. Other times, the child notices they do not have an “almond-shaped tooth” like their peers.

If your child suffers from an improperly aligned smile, you must seek professional help. What is the best age for your child to get braces? Read on to learn everything you need to know about a child’s first braces experience.

What Is a Good Age to Get Braces?

The best age for your child to get braces will depend on several factors. Around 10 – 14, when most permanent teeth erupt and the muscles and jaw bones have developed enough for successful orthodontic treatment, is generally a good age for braces.

It is vital to consider alignment problems, long-term health, and speech impediments that could benefit from early diagnosis and correction. Suppose your child has developed a deep overbite or an underbite. In that case, it may be best to consider braces earlier when the jaw bone is still developing, as it is more responsive to orthodontic treatment when it is still growing.

The best age for your child to get braces will vary depending on your child’s situation and diagnosis. So you should always consult a certified orthodontist to make the best decision for you and your family.

How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Braces?

When considering if your child is ready for braces, it’s essential to watch for signs of overcrowding, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, deep bite, overbite, crossbite, and other conditions that could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Your child is likely ready for braces if any of these are present.

If your child has not yet grown all their adult teeth, an orthodontist may want to delay treatment to ensure the best results. It’s always best to visit an orthodontist before deciding on your child’s braces. For reference on orthodontics treatment, go ahead and check

What are the Different Types of Braces?

The best age for a child to get braces depends on the braces being considered. Traditional metal braces, the most common and least expensive type, require a lot of upkeep, so they are usually recommended for children ages nine and older.

Ceramic or lingual braces, which are more aesthetically pleasing, are a better choice for younger children since they are more comfortable and easier to maintain for oral health. The most modern type of braces is the self-ligating braces, which are best suited for teenagers and adults since they free up the patient’s time and require fewer visits to the dentist. Each type of brace has pros and cons, so it’s essential to consult a dentist who can help advise which type would be best for your child’s needs.

Get Braces for KidsToday

The best age for your child to get braces will vary depending on their needs. Consulting with your child’s pediatric dentist and orthodontist is the best way to know the best solution for your child’s teeth.

Act now and contact your local orthodontist for a thorough assessment and get advice on starting the process towards a healthier, happier perfect smile!

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