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How to Find the Perfect Mentor for Your Business

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There are no entrepreneurs who haven’t struggled when starting a venture. Some suffered from poor planning, ineffective marketing, and lack of funding.

Although these are part of the learning experience, not all enterprises recover from the losses.

To better navigate the industry, work with a business mentor. They can give advice, improve skills, and expand the network using their experiences. Data shows that mentored businesses have a 12% higher chance to maintain and improve their operations.

So, how do you find a business mentor that’s right for you? Read on to learn more about mentoring in entrepreneurship.

1. Effective Business Mentor

When looking for a business mentor, you must know their qualities that align with your needs. Remember, your business is at stake, and working with anyone can make or break it. Look for a mentor who gives advice, helps you solve your concerns, and holds you accountable.

Having an open mind, being attentive, and availability is also crucial.

With your mentor’s experience, your ideas and challenges can clash with their ideas. With this, open-mindedness is crucial in avoiding conflict. Moreover, they must be attentive and available to address your concerns.

2. Networking Events

Do you know anyone who ventures into the same business line you are in?

Networking can help your business grow. Attending networking events increases brand awareness, strengthens support, and creates connections.

As a young entrepreneur, expand your network by talking to many people. Often, you can find a business mentor at these events.

Before going to the event, research. Determine its purpose and identify the attendees. Next, choose your potential mentor and search for information about them. Then, approach them and start a conversation that piques their interest.

Along the conversation, you can open up the topic of mentorship. Ready your business card and hand it in before you part ways. If they do the same, ensure to contact them.

3. Ask in Forum

If there are no upcoming networking events, try asking in forums. There are many online communities where experienced and new entrepreneurs share their ventures.

You can find forums and communities on different social media platforms. You can discover online business coaching services as you join discussions or communities.

However, stay vigilant of the offers you find on these platforms. You can encounter a business mentor online who lacks the expertise you need for your business. Moreover, ensure you post related and valuable content to create a strong network.

4. LinkedIn

Aside from forums and social media, you can find a business mentor on LinkedIn. It’s a professional networking site where professionals can connect. The platform offers a feature where you can search for the experience and skills you need in a mentor.

There are about 39,000 skills listed on the platform. Filtering your search can help you find the mentor you need. To begin your search, create a profile on LinkedIn.

Next, access the Recruiter feature on the platform to find potential business mentors. Then, adjust your search settings to narrow down the results. Contact your prospect if you find any profile that fits your needs.

Find a Business Mentor Today

Problems are inevitable when running a business. However, failure to manage them makes it difficult to recover. To avoid significant losses, find a business mentor to work with you.

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