A Guide to the Different Types of Personal Training Certifications

A Guide to the Different Types of Personal Training Certifications

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Finding inspiration is difficult for many people regarding fitness goals. Finding trainers with the right knowledge is even more challenging.

A personal trainer is one of the most fulfilling health careers you can pursue if you enjoy staying active. It’s your chance to make a difference in the lives of others while maintaining your health. Joining the ranks of the 85,000 personal trainers in the United States of America is challenging.

Still, it’s a worthwhile challenge if you enjoy fitness and helping others reach their goals. It starts with personal training certifications. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning about your options for personal training certification.

Keep reading to explore your options for personal training today!

American College of Sports Medicine

One of the most prestigious certifications you can earn as a personal trainer is the ACSM certification. The American College of Sports Medicine certification is focused on exercise science. It’s one of the largest organizations in the world for health careers and training.

If your goal is working in a clinical setting, it’s the perfect next step for your career development. You can work in a physical rehab clinic after achieving your ACSM personal training certification. Personal trainers can also use this certification to pursue a medical career in the future.

It’s perfect if you’re working to become a certified personal trainer or exercise physiologist. Exploring your options for programs is essential to further your career.

American Council on Exercise

The American Council on Exercise is another excellent option. You must consider it if you’re looking to gain a personal training certification. Learning the skills for creating individual training plans for your clients is essential. You’ll tailor the program to meet the goals of your client base.

Everyone has different needs, but you’ll learn how to help your clients gain strength and flexibility. It’s a fulfilling certification to earn. The goal of this certification is to promote long-term health for your patients.

You can enjoy fulfillment from helping the people who visit your clinic. The improvements they’ll experience with their health are reason enough to get a personal trainer certification. The reputation this cert carries will also help your career.

International Sports Sciences Association

The ISSA is a prestigious institution perfect for career development for health careers. It offers personal training certifications, making it a great choice if you want to start training clients. You can complete your certificate within a month if this is the health career you choose to pursue.

This personal training program focuses on helping non-athlete adults with strength training. You can also practice bodybuilding with your clients to help them set and reach new strength goals. It’s the best way to get a certification to work in public gyms.

You can start your health career at chain gyms like Gold’s Gym and Anytime Fitness. It’s the perfect way to begin your journey toward helping your clients live long and healthy lives.

National Academy of Sports Medicine

A personal training certification from the NASM is a wonderful feather in your cap if your goal is career development. You can work with a much wider range of patients once you earn your National Academy of Sports Medicine cert. Patients with orthopedic issues can come to you for assistance with flexibility and strength training.

You can see people ranging from retired teachers to active professional athletes. You can’t go wrong with earning a NASM certification if you want to open your own clinic. This certification allows you to market your clinic to a wide target audience.

It’s also a fulfilling way to become a reputable personal trainer. The courses focus on corrective exercises and injury prevention. You’ll get to help your patients heal while providing the knowledge to avoid future injuries.

A NASM certification gives you the knowledge and skills to guide athletes into healthy exercise routines. Consider health careers with this certification if you want to work in sports.

National Council on Strength and Fitness

The NCSF is recognized worldwide, making it a prestigious certification to earn. It’s an excellent statement piece on your resume if you’re pursuing health careers. The certification program is accredited in both the United States and Europe.

You’ll focus on personal training as well as strength and conditioning. It’s also perfect to learn more info about fitness nutrition. This personal training certification allows you to provide helpful information on meal plans. You can combine that with info for workout strategies.

It also opens the door for you to work abroad in your chosen health career. Many countries accept will welcome a personal trainer with an NCSF certification. It’s your chance to explore the world while helping others live a healthy lifestyle.

National Federation of Professional Trainers

The NFPT is one of the best certifications to choose from if you’re new to personal training. Seasoned vets and new trainers flock to earn this certification to move forward with their career development. It covers the basics of working as a personal trainer.

You’ll learn plenty about screening new clients. It’s also the perfect course to take to market your gym or clinic to your target audience. Consider this certification if you want to host training sessions for small groups.

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Another certification for personal training to consider is the NSCA. It’s a top association for researching human performance. You can help healthy and active people daily. They’ll continue reaching their goals with this personal training certification.

If you have dreams of working with professional athletes, this is the certification for you. You can get a job as a strength coach or athletic trainer when you have your NSCA certification.

Start Pursuing Your Personal Training Certifications Today

Chasing your dreams as a personal trainer starts with earning your personal training certifications. You have several options to consider for career development and helping your patients. Know your career goals and find a personal training course that helps you with qualifying for your dream health career.

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