Your Rights That Should Be Protected As a Passenger in A Car Accident

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Accidents happen without warning, and at one moment you are in the back seat of a car, and the next you are nursing severe injuries without a clear line of idea on what transpired. This is the case for most passengers who often take time to be comfortable as they have the confidence that the driver will be fully in charge. Unfortunately, the worst often happens, and with the high number of accidents being reported every day, this is a likelihood that cannot be avoided. Still, many at times the focus is always on the drivers and not on the passengers who equally bear the brunt of the accident.

According to the studies by the CDC on motor vehicle safety, passengers, as well as drivers, face high risks after an accident, making it vital for both parties to take to account safety measures, especially wearing safety belts. Over the years, there has also been the increased focus on the safety driver and front passengers who get to have the benefits of front airbags, knee airbags, and side airbags in the event of a crash. However, in most models, the back passengers rely strictly on seat belts to hold them back, and this consequently places them at higher risks. As such, in the event of an accident, passengers too deserve justice and cannot be ignored when it comes to suing for damages.

As a passenger, all the elements that constitute a personal injury claim come to play as there was the duty of care by the driver, which was breached, and there are body injuries to prove this. Right from the moment you get into the car, the driver automatically has the duty to act in your best interests, and any mistakes committed can be a basis for a lawsuit. This primarily means that if the driver carrying you made a mistake such as over-speeding, ignoring traffic rules, or distracted driving in a way that put your life in danger they can be held liable for their actions.

It is not just the driver carrying you who had a duty of care to you as the passenger, but the other party can equally be sued if their actions led to the accident. Essentially, this means that as a passenger, you can sue both drivers and get to receive the maximum benefits that you are entitled to. Since this is a complicated procedure, the expertise of car accident attorneys in Portland, OR will be critical in ensuring you maximize on all your options for compensations.

The complexities of handling a personal injury case for passengers call for the services of a seasoned attorney who has your best interests at heart. Generally, there is a lot to lose if your case is not handled appropriately as there is the burden of paying off hospital bills, emotional distress, pain & suffering, and the concern of lost wages. Fortunately, with the right attorney, you never have to worry about gaining justice as a passenger as there is a specialist who will stop at nothing to see you get the compensation deserved.

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