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Winning the Instagram Game: A Guide to Thriving in the Current Algorithm

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As of April 2023, there were at least 1.6 billion Instagram users, meaning that around a quarter of the world (over 13) uses this social media platform. Needless to say, if you want to get your content seen, IG is the top platform to use.

However, just because numerous people use Instagram doesn’t mean it’s easy to be successful there. There are myriads of voices clamoring to be heard, so you need to play things smart to make it big.

Keep reading to find out how you can conquer the current Instagram algorithm and get your content seen.

How the Algorithm of Instagram Works

To conquer the IG algorithm, you need to first understand how it works.

Basically, it looks at four main things to decide whether your content is relevant to users:

  1. Poster
  2. Content
  3. User activity
  4. User interaction

This is a very general overview of how the algorithm picks posts that users see on their feeds.

There may be some exceptions, such as when a user posts inappropriate content. Or if a user posts too many times in a row, then Instagram will filter out some of those posts so you’re not seeing only one person’s content as you scroll. In addition, if you post fake news or misinformation, you’ll be punished by the algorithm too.

Now that you understand the basics of the IG algorithm, let’s explore some ways you can beat it and rise to the top.

Aways Follow the Community Guidelines

As we’ve just mentioned, Instagram will penalize users who go against community guidelines. Their posts will be less distributed to prevent misinformation and sensitive images from spreading.

As the Instagram algorithm changes, this is one thing that won’t. So no matter when you post on Instagram, it’s always a good idea to follow rules, whether it’s 2013 or 2023. This will ensure that your posts get the maximum reach possible.

Use Optimal Hashtags and Keywords

It’s no secret that adding hashtags to your posts will boost visibility. But you need to do it right; otherwise, your posts will come off as spammy, and the algorithm won’t like that.

First, think about what words your potential followers would use to find your content. Then, carefully select these keywords to use as your hashtags.

Don’t overload your posts with 100 hashtags, and make sure they’re all relevant. Some content creators mistakenly think that if they use other hashtags, they’ll bring in a wider audience. However, these people will see that the content they’re viewing isn’t something they’re interested in, and they’ll quickly click off.

Create Original Content

The CEO of Instagram has confirmed that original content is prioritized over reshared and reposted content. This means you need to keep your brain churning, pumping out new ideas all the time.

We understand it’s tough to continuously create original content, so it’s fine to still reshare and repost your old content. However, you need a good mix of old and new content to keep your posts in people’s feeds. It’s also ok to take other content and put your own spin on it; you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, after all!

Post Carousels

Carousels are posts that include several photos or videos. IG allows you to combine up to 10 images or videos in one post, so don’t ignore this feature.

The numbers show that carousels are much more likely to get user engagement and bigger reach than other post types. So if you haven’t really posted carousels before, then it’s time you start.

Take Advantage of the New Features

Instagram is constantly coming up with new features to keep its users interested and engaged. But if no one uses them, then the efforts are wasted.

Be a game changer and use these new features when they come out. IG will reward you for testing and showcasing these things, especially since the platform will promote these features. As a result, your content will be pushed up on the pages, and you’ll get more visibility.

Engage With Your Audience

Engagement is one of the most important things on social media platforms, and IG is no exception. You can post excellent content, but if you don’t interact with your followers, you can bet that your posts will fall off the front pages.

For 2023, it seems that comments are more important than likes. This means you should encourage your followers to leave comments for you instead of only liking the posts. To get even more comments, respond to these users and ask them questions to get them to engage even more.

Use a Reputable Digital Marketing Company’s Help

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep up with, and IG’s algorithm is always changing. Do you really have the time and energy to ensure your posts beat the algorithm? Probably not.

In that case, using a reputable digital marketing company like Fortibus Marketing can be an immense help. They’ll have years of experience and knowledge, which means you’ll stay on top of Instagram’s pages with little effort on your part.

Beat the Current Instagram Algorithm

Now you know a little more about the current Instagram algorithm. It’s relatively simple to satisfy its requirements; follow community guidelines, use hashtags and keywords, create original content, post carousels, use new features, and keep up with engagement.

However, IG will keep evolving its platform, so you’ll probably need extra help to beat the Instagram algorithm. By investing a little of your money on digital marketing services, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve!

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